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Soft Skills employers look for - Essay Example

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I believe this is my greatest strength because not all people can multi-task effectively and productively. Multi-tasking seems to have become the norm in this day and age because technology has made it easy for people to do many activities simultaneously…
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Soft Skills employers look for
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Extract of sample "Soft Skills employers look for"

How do you rate yourself on each soft skill? Strengths Multi-tasking. I believe this is my greatest strength because not all people can multi-task effectively and productively. Multi-tasking seems to have become the norm in this day and age because technology has made it easy for people to do many activities simultaneously. As a student, there are times when I have to research something online, while scanning my textbooks for pertinent information as well. I also find myself discussing things with people over the cellphone while typing up an assignment or an email on my computer.
#2 – Team work. I believe this is another strength I have. Although I am confident I can work alone, I also know that I can be an asset to a team. I am capable of collaborating with other people to achieve a common goal. I also get along well with people so there will be no problems associating with the other team members. I have a positive attitude and I believe this can also help in motivating the team to feel good about the task we are working on.
#3 – Attitude. I consider this the least of my strengths because I do not let this influence my performance at work. Nevertheless, I think of my attitude as a strength because at times it challenges me. For example, if I am having a bad day, I resist the temptation to give in and be short with everyone around me. I can easily blame my bad behavior to just being in a bad mood but I do not. Instead, I try and keep a professional attitude. This practice helps me accomplish my tasks at work. Moreover, it shows my colleagues that I am mature enough to limit how my attitude affects my performance and relationship with them.
Other skills
For my presentation skills, communication skills and leadership skills, I indeed have plans of developing myself in these areas. The most immediate one I would like to work on are my communication skills. I think being adept in communicating with people will help me advance in my studies, and consequently in the work environment. Right now, I believe I still need to improve my writing skills. Even though I can express myself well in spoken English, I still find it difficult to elaborate on my ideas when I do it on paper. In my opinion, a person can only be a fluent speaker if the individual is able to not only speak but write well.
“Effective communication skills are the most basic building block when it comes to making sure things move forward.” (Noone, 2011) It is my belief that to be a productive employee or employer one should have sufficient communication skills to enable social and work interaction. This is why I would like to work on my communication skills first.
Noone, M. (2011, September 22). The Importance of Effective Communication Skills. [Web log]. Retrieved from Read More
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(Soft Skills Employers Look for Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Soft Skills Employers Look for Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Soft Skills Employers Look for Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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