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Phases of Team Development - Assignment Example

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The assignment under the title "Phases of Team Development" demonstrates that Forming – this is the stage where team members are anxious about what is expected of them. They are excited about the new team and wonder about the rules to be able to fit in…
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Phases of Team Development
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Extract of sample "Phases of Team Development"

Rules are often broken at this stage because of the conflicts of the team member. Plainly, this is the adjustment period of a team.
Norming– is the stage where team members are easing up the differences that cause conflicts and begun to discover ways on how to work with each other smoothly.
Performing – the stage where each team member has already adjusted with each other and can already work together. Each team member can now disagree constructively because they are now fully adjusted with each other (Zenger, n.d.).
II. What are the five soft skills employers look for in today’s workplace?
Employers usually look for the following characteristics both from its prospective applicants to its existing employees;
Strong work ethic - professionalism to get the job done
Positive attitude – the positive motivation and drive of an employee to perform.
Good communication skills – able to convey ideas and receive ideas
Problem-solving skills – resourcefulness and creativity to resolve issues that arise in the workplace.
ABILITY TO WORK IN A TEAM – optimum organizational performance is achieved by working together and it is very important that an employee is capable of teamwork (Lorenz, 2009).
III. Give an example of a team you were a member of (or aware of) and describe one of the four phases for the team.
A typical example is a new student where he or she has to adjust to the members of the class. In the class, the new student is anxious about how he or she would fit in and gain new friends (forming). Eventually, differences of personality between him or her and another member of the class emerge which usually leads to clashes or conflicts (storming). Then each member of the class found a way to avoid such conflicts and adjust with each other (norming). Finally, each class member has fully adjusted with each other and are able to carry group projects smoothly (performing). Read More
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(Phases of Team Development Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 496 Words)
Phases of Team Development Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 496 Words.
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