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Event management strategy plan RE - Essay Example

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In a process of organizing an international trade fair, several complexities will arise over the nature of the event, mode of organization and overall management of the event to make it a success. Under normal circumstances, event management involves the organization and…
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Event management strategy plan RE
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Download file to see previous pages Organizing a trade fair is not quite complicated owing to the fact that there are effective event management practices which play a crucial role in determining the protocols. Furthermore, through the role of event management it becomes easier to organize trade fairs since such firms specialize in the task of organizing events. However, organizing an international trade fair is not an easier option since the international element adds to the involvedness of the event management process. Since international trade fairs involve a much wider audience, diverse practices, products, businesses and people, organizing an international event will be quite challenging. Great caution ought to be taken when dealing with international events to ensure that they are successful.
This paper aims at providing a report outlining an event strategy plan for an International trade fair. The report will outline the relevant plans, events and activities that constitute the overall strategy plan of the international trade fair that is to be organized. In line with the relevant aspects of the plan strategy, the paper will include the following parameters that are paramount to the project; Strategic aims, objectives with actions, opportunities and Risks associated with the international dimension, evaluation methods to be utilized, pre- and post –event and summary along with recommendations.
The paper also presents the Gantt chart and Risk Assessment Form which underscore the distribution of responsibilities, identification of risks along with their respective action plan; this represents the evaluation criteria for the international trade fair.
The strategic aims of the international trade fair are quite diverse and involve the relevant parameters that constitute business and performance. The international event will serve several purposes all in one so as to take full advantage of the opportunity availed. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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