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Planning and Community Development - Essay Example

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It should be recognized that the environment in which we live in is a rather difficult one and for this reason we, the people in this environment should be in a position to adapt to the rapidly changing scenarios if we are to pull through such environments. …
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Planning and Community Development
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Extract of sample "Planning and Community Development"

Planning and Community Development Scenario Learning It should be recognized that the environment in which we live in is a rather difficult one and for this reason we, the people in this environment should be in a position to adapt to the rapidly changing scenarios if we are to pull through such environments. The main intention of scenario learning is to and create different case situations rather than just undertaking our activities basing on just one story.
Question 1
Challenges in the Assessment
In the course of the assessment there are quite a number of challenges. Key among these is the fact that someone has to be in a position to be able to think of certain things which may have to be out of the ordinary. At the same time an individual may have to violate some of the principles which he or she holds and finally the person may have to go against the relations he or she has with other people.
To some extent the assessment may be hard. This is because there are several people involved and each of them has a different view which may not be necessarily be held by another person.
When it comes to a situation in which a person is asking himself whether he is on the right track it nay point out that there is some element of doubt in the person and he or she would want to compare his or her performance to others who are viewed as being the standard. A person who is in a position to say he is in the right track is that who is able to match up with the set standard.
Assessment criteria is an important instrument as it is able to point out to an individual and also to others on the performance of a particular person in a particular activity. It can also help assess who is doing better than the other.
Question 2
Reasons for making assessment decisions alone
It is important to let a person make a decision alone in order to establish whether have she understands some of the concepts or how some things have to be done. It also tests the person’s ability to work alone.
Question 3
Inhibiting factors
One of the major inhibiting factor in individual decision-making is fear of failure. A person thinks the decision made will not work. The other reason is incompetency whereby a person is not knowledgeable enough to make a decision.
Question 4
Emotional Factors
Emotions are some of the things that cloud an individual in his or her judgment and approach in things. The best course to take is to dwell on activities that will not dig into a person’s emotions.
Question 5
Assumptions Made
An assumption which is made in this study is that the teacher assumes the student is able to adapt to any condition he or she is subjected to.
Loader, David (2010), The Reflexive Principle Read More
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