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Not everyone is an ideal leader, while others seem to have a natural affinity for leadership. What makes a great leader and what styles are the most…
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Revison of paper
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"Revison of paper"

Download file to see previous pages ormational Leadership in the Public Sector: Does Structure Matter,” discusses whether or not transformational leadership has a place in the public sector. C.R. Emery and K.J. Barker focus their study on the nature of job satisfaction and employee attitude in relation to the different leadership styles in the 2007 article “The Effect Of Transactional And Transformational Leadership Styles On The Organizational Commitment And Job Satisfaction Of Customer Contact Personnel.” Finally, “An Empirical Study of Leader Ethical Values, Transformational and Transactional Leadership, And Follower Attitudes toward Corporate Social Responsibility,” by K.S. Groves and M.A. LaRocca (2011), offers another perspective on the outcomes of the different leadership styles.
Transactional leadership has a simple goal; maintain the status quo and overseeing the normal flow of the tasks at hand. They often use incentives or a reward system as a means to motivate their staff to work to the best of their abilities. However, transformational leadership is rather different. This sort of leader does not rely simply on hand and mouth incentives to accomplish day-to-day tasks; they inspire, encourage, and motivate their staff by altering their perspectives and assumptions about their job and importance. While transactional leadership may spawn acceptable results, transformational leadership can have a more profound long term effect on the behaviours and attitudes of the employees (Wright & Pandey, 2010). For example, transactional leaders gain company loyalty and dedication with rewards, but what happens when those rewards stop; this will also end the positive behaviours and attitudes of the staff. Those led by a transformational leader will maintain that needed loyalty based on principle and not upon rewards.
Wright and Pandey’s primary question focused upon whether are not there is a presence or place in the public sector for transformational leadership? This is relevant, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Revison of Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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