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Immigration and Laws through my eyes - Research Paper Example

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Submission Date Immigration and Laws through my eyes Introduction Human migration is the movement of citizens from a particular place in the world to another with the aid of taking up residence usually across a political boundary…
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Immigration and Laws through my eyes
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Download file to see previous pages government should enforce rules and regulations to curb undocumented immigration. The essay also highlights out the benefits and costs associated with illegal migration to United States. US government should take Law measures on those employers who illegally employ undocumented employees. This essay also outlines sketches of legislations related to immigration and migration between 1790 and 1990 and details on the recent legislative amendments as from 1952. According to Waters readings, during seventeen centuries, United States was a nation controlled by individual states and because of that, there was a formation of an Act, which ensured a neutral rule for setting the citizens requirements for a period of two years. Many of the immigrants who entered American during this period came for an individual reasons (Waters 331). In 1819, the United States congress adopted the first migration and immigration federal legislation act. Among its responsibility, the federal legislation ensured continuous provision of immigration reports to United States. The congress also set specific rules and regulations for those citizens leaving United States ports to Europe. In the year 1864, the U.S. Congress centralized the immigration and migration control under States Commissioner and Secretary. In 1875, there was establishment of Direct Federal Regulation for immigration that prohibited migration and settlement of prostitutes and convicts in United States. This law was accompanied by Chinese exclusion act that curbed Chinese entering U.S. Also excluded were people deported or convicted from their home country due to political crimes, idiots, lunatics, and those suspected to become public criminals. This law however placed taxation on every immigrant. There was also banning of employing independent contractors from foreign countries. However, in 1891, there was establishment of Bureau of Immigration under the Treasury Department to administer and control all set refugees immigration laws with apart from of Chinese Exclusion Act. Because of consolidation of this immigration law, polygamists and political radicals were included in the exclusion acts (Waters 127). Later on there was enactment of procedures for safeguarding naturalization. Among such procedurals was English knowledge that was a basic requirement for immigrants to settle in United States. People who could not speak fluent English and could not understand English could not enter United States. In 1907, there was establishment of a bill that increased the immigrants’ tax. The bill also included people with disabilities, children unaccompanied by parents, those with mental disabilities or tuberculosis to the exclusion list. Japanese immigrants in United States were highly restricted. In addition, vagrants, stowaways, alcoholic, men, and women entering for immoral purposes, and people with psychopathic inferiority were also included in the exclusion lists. Many companies such as teaching institutions hired a number of blacks in their institutions. In 1921, there was adoption of the first quantitative law for immigrants entering United States for each nation. The first immigration quota established a quota method, non-quota condition, and consular governing methods. The immigration quota act however brought Border Patrol laws for inspecting the immigrants in order to ensure that only the preferred ones entered United States (Waters 334). Later on, many Acts, which controlled immigration and migration in United States, came to be a single ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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