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Growth Area Authoritys Aurora Precinct Structure Plan - Assignment Example

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The paper “Growth Area Authority’s Aurora Precinct Structure Plan” focuses on the growth and prosperity of a country, which is directly proportional to its policies, effective implementation of these policies and achievement of the desired results. Australia is more susceptible to the changing environment…
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Growth Area Authoritys Aurora Precinct Structure Plan
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Extract of sample "Growth Area Authoritys Aurora Precinct Structure Plan"

Download file to see previous pages As a result, it has less rainfall every year. The entire country is dry and its center is a desert where large cactus grows (About Australia, 2012). Due to extreme dryland conditions and infertility, the population density is only 2.8 inhabitants per square kilometer, which is the lowest figure in the world (Ibid, 2012). The phenomenon of global warming has significantly affected the world including Australia where the country’s frequency and quantity of rainfall have further declined. The dry parts of the country have little or no fertility that significantly affects food supply. Thus, the inhabitants are forced to settle down near the coastline to have a continuous supply of food, water, rainfall, and other benefits. Consequently, the cities are becoming heavily populated and overcrowded (Major Cities Unit, 2011). Likewise, the City of Whittlesea's north area was known as Epping North. Due to the non-availability of infrastructure, services, and high development costs, Epping North remains undeveloped (About Australia, 2012).
One possible way to mitigate these issues is to develop development, structure and strategic policies that focus on the development and construction in the country. For instance, in 2001 and 2002, the Victorian Government plan, known as VicUrban, decided to develop this land and got control of a massive piece of land which is now known as Aurora (Aurora Precinct Structure Plan, 2001). The Victorian Government developed its strategic planning and policy framework that comprises of various policies that aim at focusing on the development of Aurora. It initiated a master structure plan titled Aurora Precinct Structure Plan, which intends to provide provisions for the effective development and growth of Aurora. The Victorian Civil and Administrative Council evaluates each development in the city based on the well-established principles of planning for Transit-oriented development.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Growth Area Authoritys Aurora Precinct Structure Plan Assignment.
(Growth Area Authoritys Aurora Precinct Structure Plan Assignment)
Growth Area Authoritys Aurora Precinct Structure Plan Assignment.
“Growth Area Authoritys Aurora Precinct Structure Plan Assignment”.
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