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Tourism in Western Australia - Assignment Example

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This paper describes the objectives of Western Australian Tourism, its performance measures and resource implementation, roles and responsibilities and communication strategy, which include communication objective and internal and external communication…
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Tourism in Western Australia
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Extract of sample "Tourism in Western Australia"

Download file to see previous pages The communication strategy of Western Australian Tourism is to support an accountable and open two-way communication process with customers, partners, staff and stakeholders. The communications strategy will include the following stages;
Communication objective
The objective of the communications strategy is to work efficiently and productively as well as understand the planning process. Also, the objective will include ensuring that all departments and functions of the organization are comprehensible and adhere to the strategic goals and objectives set by management (Dwyer, 2011).
Setting key organizational message
Conflicting messages can lead to a confused communication and perception among employees and management. Hence, it is essential that a particular message is spread across all departments and is repeated frequently. Some of the key messages that WA tourism can propagate are its long-term strategic goals, revamping of the department’s roles and responsibilities, immediate one year, two year and five year plans and strategic stages in these plans.
Prioritizing and defining the key stakeholders
Prioritizing the key stakeholders is a critical stage in stakeholders’ management, which leads to better communication and planning. Stakeholders should be segregated according to their involvement and importance in the planning and decision asking processes (Department of Planning and community development, n.d). For instance, customers and visitors should be positioned as top priority as well as involved in the communication process more often. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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