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The Description, Analysis, and Research of Tuscany, Italy, as a Tourist Destination - Essay Example

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Many tourists prefer to travel to fancy destinations across the world. Tuscany presents one of the best-case scenarios as far as the attraction of global tourists is concerned…
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The Description, Analysis, and Research of Tuscany, Italy, as a Tourist Destination
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Extract of sample "The Description, Analysis, and Research of Tuscany, Italy, as a Tourist Destination"

Download file to see previous pages Brief history of Tuscany Indeed, Tuscany has a rich history dating back to 1100 B.C. when men lived in the iron and bronze error. The first Etruscans to settle brought a great deal of civilization to the area before the Romans finally brought peace and established their empire. It was during this time that Tuscany experienced renaissance. The romans also introduced new technology and all these, through inheritance, have projected Tuscany to her current popularity (Discover Tuscany). Physical description Since many tourists around the world prefer beautiful and extraordinary countryside with impressive views, Tuscany qualifies as one of the most favorable destinations in the Southern part of Europe (Howells 18). Howells states that Tuscany brings a combination of both extensive hills in the northern part of Lunigiana, to the beautiful valleys, down to the magnificent beaches of the Maremma at the coastal region (19). All these hills, valleys, and plains, wrapped up as a package, project a remarkable sight. Any outgoing tourist who likes hiking and sightseeing will find their paradise in Tuscany, as they will never have enough time to traverse all the beautiful scenery (Howells 29). Tuscan has a large geographical area spanning 8.8 square miles, most of it being mountainous. This is especially great for mountain climbers, and bike riders, who flock every year for various competitions. This clearly shows that its general view gives it a competitive advantage over other tourist destinations not forgetting the long western coastline (Howells 16).
Location and Topography
Tuscany is located in Italy with its capital based in Florence, a major tourist attraction with prestigious hotels. Its strategic location makes it easier for many aspiring tourist from Europe, America, Asia, and Australia to connect at the shortest time possible due to the superb infrastructure in the cities and beyond. Chains of rolling, hilly landscape, with few proportions of agricultural land, characterize the topography of Tuscany. On its western side is along coastline with small islands off the sea, providing a special enjoyment opportunity for sand bathers and vocational travelers. This unique topography provides tourists with a classical landscape that most tourists crave (Howells 13). Cultural highlights It is no doubt that Tuscany has a rich cultural heritage. When one travels to major cities like Florence and Siena, they are likely to witness this endowment of artistic heritage in such places as art galleries, churches, and museums. The main language in Tuscany is Italian, spoken by the majority of the citizens, although various local dialects like Tuscan exist. Though language diversity is good, this can pose a challenge especially in the tourism sector. Literature and music receive wide acknowledgement more so because they normally attract tourists through skilled entertainment. While some tourists visit Tuscany to learn fine arts, others come to experience the diversity and culture. Therefore, the only logical conclusion one can make is that Tuscany has strategically positioned herself culturally, for tourist attraction (Tourism and Holidays in Tuscany). Food and dining (wine) In Tuscan, most people prefer to be simple in matters concerning food. Cuisines in Tuscany include but not limited to vegetables, fresh fruits, mushrooms, Cheese, legumes, and bread. This rich menu provides ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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