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Field trip - Essay Example

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Blue Mountains, Sydney Australia The Blue Mountains are found only 50km away from the state capital, Sydney, named after the characteristic blue haze that the area has when viewed from a distance. They have been inhabited for several thousand years, but have recently become a tourist attraction featuring such sights as the Three Sisters (a sandstone rock formation) and activities like four-wheel driving, abseiling and scenic railways…
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Field trip
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Download file to see previous pages The road features supermarkets and roadside stations for travelers entering Blue Mountains via this method. At times, it is difficult to enter the Blue Mountains by road as there are many large vehicles which can hamper entrance and exit from the area, particularly tourist vehicles such as coaches and delivery vans for the many businesses in the area. Because of this factor, it is worth noting that the area is accessible by train and bus for those who don't wish to navigate the roads. The area is, however, very well signposted and this makes navigation from Sydney and beyond simple and finding routes between the individual attractions is also simple. Once in Blue Mountains, there are many different options for traveling around. There are dedicated buses and tours for tourists, as well as general public transport for city residents. There are also a number of scenic options; a walkway, a railway, a cableway and a skyway. These are all in place to provide great views to tourists. All of these can be found in dedicated tourist maps online or in the information center located by the entrance to the Blue Mountains (see Appendix 1) On my trip to the area, I used the walkway and the Katoomba Scenic Railway, which is particularly notable for being the steepest railway in the world. As previously mentioned, the main point of this field trip was to see the Three Sisters, a famous sandstone rock formation in the area. The Three Sisters is part of an Aboriginal legend which suggests that three sisters from the local tribe fell in love with men from a neighboring tribe, something forbidden by tribal law. This led to a huge battle which resulted in the three sisters being turned to stone by an elder who was killed in the battle and unable to turn them back. Whilst this story itself perhaps is not a true example of Aboriginal legend, it adds a certain mystery and history to the area which is undeniable. It is possible to explore the area further by using the Giant Stairway, another major geological tourist attraction that leads to many of the nature walks that it is possible to undertake in the area. From a tourism point of view, the trip was well organized and enjoyable because of the sheer amount of information available both online and in the the local tourist office. It made the area easily navigable, and all the tourist attractions could easily by found using a map or one of the many tours and guides found in the area. This meant that much of the stress associated with traveling was removed, because there was no risk of being lost because of this useful signage and helpful staff and locals. From a personal point of view, the area was an example of breathtaking natural beauty and provided spectacular views as well as a lot of local history. Appendix 2 shows some of the views of the area. Literature Review As with any academic analysis, it is necessary to find theories and models to apply to the excursion to help fully understand the area and the tourist potential. As previously mentioned, Blue Mountain is well signposted and has good transport links both to and within the area. This has been shown to be an important factor in increasing local tourism by the by the GJM council (2002). This study shows that giving good transport li ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Field Trip Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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