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Nationalism and tourism examples in South Dakota - Coursework Example

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The three key tourism examples from the American State of South Dakota include Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Rapid City Dinosaur Park and Wall Drug Store. They provide a…
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Nationalism and tourism examples in South Dakota
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Nationalism and Tourism Examples in South Dakota Nationalism and Tourism Examples in South Dakota A heritage sight is a significant aspect of the formation and maintenance of national identity. The three key tourism examples from the American State of South Dakota include Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Rapid City Dinosaur Park and Wall Drug Store. They provide a foundational history and archeology upon which its national identity is built as they create an ‘imagined community’ among a diverse population.
Mount Rushmore National Memorial
It is a political and the single largest attraction in the State of South Dakota. It is a monumental sculpture of American presidents: Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Theodore Roosevelt (Pretes, 2003). They are symbols of national unity; hence, instill a feeling of the State’s identity among the citizens. Besides, the monument attracts both domestic and international tourists; hence, depicting a sense of national identity as citizens come and gather to tell their history and share national records. In addition, the monument is depicted on currency, postage stamps and official stamps, which signify something that is shared by all citizens of South Dakota. Therefore, it popularizes a hegemonic national message of inclusion that categorically implies national unity. Mount Rushmore is attractive and inspiring in a manner that draws people from all over the United States of America.
Rapid City Dinosaur Park
Dinosaurs are considered the American’s main historical animals that ever lived. They are depicted as having been big and strong. Today, the dinosaurs crafted out of concrete and similar materials have expressive functions (Pretes, 2003). For instance, the western half of South Dakota have several specimens of animals including dinosaurs, which are important and notable. The Dinosaur Park acts as a significant tourist attraction sight as people come to know their earlier strong animals. It also acts as a national identity as it draws citizens from all over the State. The dinosaur has a special place in the American culture and history because they act as patriotic representatives of America and Scientific superiority of Europe. Therefore, Rapid Dinosaur Park having various types of life-size concrete dinosaurs promotes tourism: citizens come together to view these important animals; hence, evokes a feeling of national identity.
Pretes, M. (2003). Tourism and nationalism: Annals of tourism research. Australian National Unity, Australia 30(1), 125-142. Read More
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