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Prepare a case analysis of Case 1, Facebook vs. Twitter - Essay Example

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In a way, they also provide a general view of what the organization is currently doing. This means that, by omission, one could also…
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Prepare a case analysis of Case 1, Facebook vs. Twitter
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"Prepare a case analysis of Case 1, Facebook vs. Twitter"

Download file to see previous pages as an energy source and rallying point for the organization to the extent that it could make that particular company’s site more relevant than other social networking sites.
Twitter’s mission reads: “We want to instantly connect people everywhere to what’s most important to them.” Whereas this mission statement is 80 characters long Huffstetler (2011) argues that it need not be more than 40 because the keywords are four: instantly, connect, everywhere and important. Twitter’s mission statement is brief, easy to remember and the organisation can relate to it. However as we analyse these four keywords we realise that the company needs to add more precision and clarity so that anyone who reads it may be able to identify its core competence and also be able to distinguish it from its competitors. The way it is it could easily be confused with any of the other numerous social networking sites. Of the four keywords, we believe that the organisation identifies well with “connect”, “everywhere” and “important” but it needs to re-consider the use of “instant”.
Twitter’s real-time attribute is what makes it different from other platforms. This is Twitter’s competitive edge. Google and Facebook, the major rivals have tried to mimic this ability unsuccessfully. The problem though is that in modern technology’s lexicon the word instant could imply speed or ease. Twitter therefore needs to consider what to tradeoff between ease and speed and then use the selected choice to replace the word instant on its mission statement.
On the other hand, Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected (Facebook, 2012). Using Huffstetler (2011) approach we delineate the key words here as being: power to share, open and connected. “Open” and “connected” are attributes that are provided by other social networking sites as well including Twitter. The key differentiator for Facebook lies in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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