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Love- Ralston Valley Volunteer Fire Department - Case Study Example

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Case facts revealed that Rick Wyatt, a volunteer firefighter for Ralston Valley Volunteer Fire Department (RVVFD) was tasked by the Chief, Fran Holland to prepare a marketing plan for the purpose of recruiting new volunteers. The dwindling numbers of volunteers at RVVFD over the…
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Love- Ralston Valley Volunteer Fire Department
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Extract of sample "Love- Ralston Valley Volunteer Fire Department"

Ralston Valley Volunteer Fire Department Case facts revealed that Rick Wyatt, a volunteer firefighter forRalston Valley Volunteer Fire Department (RVVFD) was tasked by the Chief, Fran Holland to prepare a marketing plan for the purpose of recruiting new volunteers. The dwindling numbers of volunteers at RVVFD over the last five years, in conjunction with the department’s lack of promotional efforts contribute to the need to raise public awareness and design the appropriate marketing strategies. In this regard, the case analysis aims to achieve a two-fold objective, to wit: (1) to evaluate the promotion objectives the Rick Wyatt should include in the marketing plan; and (2) to determine the promotional methods that should be designed and used to achieve those objectives.
Ralston Valley Volunteer Fire Department
Promotion Objectives in Marketing Plan
The promotion objectives that should be included in Rick Wyatt’s marketing plan are as follows: (1) to enhance public awareness for the recruitment of committed firefighter volunteers; (2) to apprise the community of the mission, vision and goals of the RVVFD; and (2) to use effective promotional and advertising mediums to ensure that an increase in the number of committed volunteers to as much as 20% per annum would be reached.
Promotional Methods
Enhancing public awareness to focus on the mission, vision and goals of the RVVFD and
the need to recruit new volunteers could be attained through effective use of promotional methods. Rick Wyatt, as a marketing degree major, is fully aware that the use of contemporary mediums, like social networking sites, is a potentially effective promotional avenue. As indicated, committed volunteers are needed to be recruited within the age range of 20 to 40. To tap this age group, social networking sites are most appropriate such as using Facebook and Twitter accounts. RVVFD should therefore design an official website where their mission, vision and goals are identified; as well as the plans for recruitment. All needed qualifications could be relayed such as preferred age ranges, physical fitness, genuine interest and commitment, and the benefits of camaraderie and giving back to society. Local newspapers and radio programs could also advertise the need for new volunteers who meet the identified criteria. The use of flyers, posters and spreading the word through current volunteers’ employment affiliations could be potential sources of new recruits. Finally, by holding a scheduled fund-raising event, Wyatt could use this event to announce that RVVFD is recruiting more committed members and that the ideals and vision of the organization could be effectively announced and shared.
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