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Operations Management Assignment in Ritz Carlton Hotels - Essay Example

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The reporter casts light upon the fact that Ritz Carlton possesses a particularly trained team of effective quality management executives. These executives spend about 25% of their total office time on discussing as well as resolving various quality related aspects…
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Operations Management Assignment in Ritz Carlton Hotels
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Download file to see previous pages Ritz Carlton considers that the clandestine to efficient quality management stays to employ efficient staff which recognizes the guests’ requirements and provides them immediately (Case Study, p. 301).
In the hospitality or service-care industry, quality is regarded as the extreme significance but unluckily up to now the spotlight has merely been on preparation lead staff to make sure guest satisfaction (Class Note 1 ppt, Slide 17). If a customer resides at the hotel, his opinion of quality is describes by the reliability, declaration and compassion. Ritz Carlton has situated this seeming quality as its main target and also for achieving it stresses on predictability, veracity as well as timeliness. All these three factors collectively lead to greater level of customer satisfaction (Case Study, p. 302).
When these service customaries have been resolved the next stride is to determine the measurement methods for monitoring how well these customaries are being realized. The most important problems faced by the services and hospitality industry in respect to implementing TQM are identifying measurements as well as process improvement techniques that generate quantifiable data (Class Note 2 ppt, Slide 6). In effect, some measurement methods have previously been adopted by different hotels, such as Ritz Carlton. Various advanced technologies are being used in order to get maximum advantages or benefits by employing different automated building as well as safety systems to different types of a computerized reservation system. In this context, the Ritz Carlton has come up with greater user-friendly tools and mechanisms in order to enhance the existing level of customer satisfaction (Case Study, p. 302).1The hotel industry is expected to obtain a higher level of quality improvement even without using different sophisticated statistical tools and techniques which are generally utilized by the production and manufacturing industries. Ritz Carlton, after achieving the “Baldridge award”, the organization has decided to lower the cycle time. This is the time holdup between recognizing the need of the customer and satisfying that need.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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