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Recruitment, management, leadership, team work and individual motivation - Essay Example

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Recruitment, Management, Leadership, Team work and individual motivation [Author] [Institution] Introduction A good and effective workforce is the biggest support for an organization whether it is a manufacturing business, a retail business or a factory of raw materials…
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Recruitment, management, leadership, team work and individual motivation
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Download file to see previous pages Leaders and managers are assigned for the purpose of monitoring, controlling, judging and organizing the workforce using specific techniques. The most popular and effective technique to control and manage the workforce is to motivate them using motivational techniques. Motivating a team of workers and individuals in an organization would encourage them to work efficiently and enthusiastically. The overall objective of this paper is to assess the different methods of recruiting, selecting, managing, leading and motivating the workforce of any business (Sharma, 2000, pp. 76). Section 1 Recruitment of new staff members: An advertisement is given by a company to fill a vacancy for a floor supervisor in a factory of canned foods. The company will give an advertisement which would include the job description, requirements, person specifications and all the relevant information which is needed for an applicant to chose, apply and qualify for the job. The advertisement will be like the documentation prepared below. Job Advertisement: Floor Supervisor-Production Floor Manufacturing Company Salary: $20,000 per annum, negotiable as per experience and qualifications. Date posted: 1-05-13 Closing date: 15-05-13 Contact: Steve Jones (Branch Manager) A manufacturing company is looking for a supervisor for their production floor. The supervisor will be the team leader, and will have a respectable position in the factory. The supervisor will be responsible for the work performance of the workers working under him on that floor. The workers with him will be a part of his team. The purpose of this job is to have a team leader that will guide and monitor the performance of the workers working in the production department, the supervisor will be answerable for the faults and errors seen in the production floor and will be given the authority to direct the workers in the best possible way. The person specification for this job is that the applicant must be a graduate because all the work with the machinery is technical and requires great skill. The applicant must have at least one year experience of working in a factory with machinery. The skills and attributes must be that of a good leader, must have good communication skills, and must be able to supervise effectively. The applicant must be physically active and need to be on feet during working hours. Overall the applicant must be friendly, honest, patient and responsible. Job Description: Description: Floor Supervisor Job Purpose: The purpose of this job is to have a team leader that will guide and monitor the performance of the workers working in the production department, the supervisor will be answerable for the faults and errors seen in the production floor and will be given the authority to direct the workers in the best possible way. Main duties: Monitoring the production process Responsible for labor attendants Allocation of the duties amongst the workers Job rotation of the workers Solving conflicts if any arise between workers Responsible for the individual development needs of the workers Reporting to the manager for any maintenance and repairs needed in the machinery Managing discipline on the production floor Training new workers Suitable applicants will be short listed for the interview. The candidate will be introduced to the managers and will be assessed on his confidence and body language. Impact of legal, regulatory and ethical considerations on recruitment and selection: The recruitment process ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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