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Leadership Team Formation And Strategic Management Within An Organization - Essay Example

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The main focus of the essay "Leadership Team Formation And Strategic Management Within An Organization" is team formation, teamwork, motivation, and value leadership. The writer will provide a practical way to present various issues of human resource management…
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Leadership Team Formation And Strategic Management Within An Organization
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Download file to see previous pages For any group that intends to work together, team formation is an important aspect that defines how the involved individuals relate with one another. To begin within, there is the number of issues that were important for our group. My group was made of friends and this was an upper hand on matters of cooperation, willingness to work together and alignment to the group goals. At some point, we had to absorb one student who lacked a group and the instructor requested that he joins out the group. While we were classmates, this new individual was way distant to us and it became an important issue to assimilate him into the group and to get him on board our group targets and goals. This is expected in any given organization that some employees will join the workforce at some point and there is need to align them to the management goals to enable them to work in harmony with other employees (Augier, 2013). This burden rests on the shoulder of human resource managers. One important aspect of human resource management is to establish a strong team which starts right from the moment of recruitment. The organization selection and recruitment process is an activity that the human resource managers take seriously to obtain the best workforce within the institution (Nordensson, Ash, & Kelley, 2010). The selection process is an activity that involves selection of only qualified employees who suit the minimum requirements of the position and fill the existing employee gaps effectively. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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