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A paper about change management and organizational leadership- situation and how to deal with it using a style of leadership- collegue sample included - Case Study Example

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Good managerial qualities entails being able to take an organization through such a period with great success. Leadership, and specifically transformative leadership, entails creating a…
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A paper about change management and organizational leadership- situation and how to deal with it using a style of leadership- collegue sample included
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Extract of sample "A paper about change management and organizational leadership- situation and how to deal with it using a style of leadership- collegue sample included"

Download file to see previous pages Good leaders are those who can dexterously handle the paradoxes associated with the organization, and steer the organization to heights unimaginable. However, many managers always attest to the fact that handling changes can sometimes be challenging. Research show that it is the methods employed in handling implementation that sometimes are not suitable for the prevailing circumstances in a particular organization, and thus the imminent failure witnessed in such situations.
Consider a case in an organization, say ABC, in which the management wants to give an overhaul to the current humanistic values. As is the case with humans, change is never something that they are ready to welcome. This necessitates the need for a better approach that will not stir rebellion from the employee. Nickols (2010) for instance, presents an analysis of four strategies that are vital to managing change in any organization. He centers his argument on a number of aspects regarding the nature of change. These aspects include the extent of the change i.e. more radical and transformative changes require a strategy that is environmentally adaptive, and which might fail when dealing with a less radical change. The other aspect is the stakes that the change has, for instance, a change with high stakes requires the application of almost all the four strategies, while moderate stakes are totally against an approach such as the power-coercive strategy. The degree of resistance the change is bound to encounter is another aspect, strong resistance favors the use of power-coercive and/or environmental-adaptive strategy while a weak resistance is more receptive to either or a combination of rational-empirical strategy and normative-re-educative strategy. Another aspect of great importance is the period within which execution of the change is to take place. Here, he notes that Short time changes require power-coercive strategy to execute, while long-term changes thrive well ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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