Improving management with UK high performing companies - Assignment Example

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The paper covers material on management body acknowledging performance and commitment as major factors that influence success in the market within a two companies. W.L. Gore and Bacardi & Martini are material companies, which is taken as the paper's case study material…
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Improving management with UK high performing companies
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Download file to see previous pages 2005:5). W.L. conducts customer survey as a means of equipping the management with customer needs. Customer responsiveness would determine the survival of a company in the market or its exits. Understanding consumer behaviour is a mechanism that helps the company to develop management strategies, which target customers’ needs. Markets analysts believe that disparities that affect service quality would influence high performance of an organization. Balancing of management perceptions verses customer expectation is a factor that would influence the overall performance of the company. W.L. Gore approach to Performance Management W.L. Gore uses the following approaches to create an environment of performance management. First, W. L. Gore management has instituted teamwork in company performance. Production of products constitutes efforts from various departments in a company. For instance, manufacturing department has to lies with logistic department to deliver material in time. Accounting department has to settle financial constrains of the company and human resource department has to ensure satisfaction. Organisations, which demonstrate elements of teamwork, post impressive results because they are able to respond to customer demands as well as employees needs (Allen and Wilburn, 2002:56). Motivation theories attribute employee satisfaction to the amount of services they deliver to the company. Quick respond of consumer expectations ensures that company remains viable in the market. Company’s sales indicate that consumers of the company’s product are happy about the quality offered in the market. Second, W.L. Gore management has introduced employee training with a view of equipping employees with skills required in challenging environment. Advances in...
The paper introduces to the W.L. Gore as a material company, which has demonstrated high performance in UK. The service culture of the company puts it a notch high among other companies because it has been able to command a great success. The paper stresses out that W. L. Gore operates in a highly competitive environment. This challenge demands strategic approaches that would influence product behaviour in the market. What we are also reminded in the paper is the information that W.L. Gore uses the following approaches to create an environment of performance management: , its management has instituted teamwork in company performance. Second, W.L. Gore management has introduced employee training with a view of equipping employees with skills required in challenging environment. Third, W. L. Gore uses quality leadership to create an environment of high performance. Fourth, W. L. Gore demonstrates effective service delivery and product production because it has addressed issues, which influence product supply and customer satisfaction. Then we are swiftly moved to another case, which is the Bacardi & Martini. The paper indicates that Bacardi & Martini UK case of performance management is due to competitive market environment, consumer behaviour, and change in technology. This assignment teaches that the consumer behaviour demonstrates the level of satisfaction, where you can also read specific examples about it. In conclusion, organisations address factors that influence employee satisfaction as well as customer responsiveness. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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