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Case Study for HR - Essay Example

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Title: Case Study HR Introduction: The case study for the research has been focused on the issue of effective recruitment that is highly essential for the quality in human resource management. For businesses to be successful, it is highly essential that the human resources team of the company is efficient and effective in meeting the goals and objectives of the organization…
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Case Study for HR
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Extract of sample "Case Study for HR"

Download file to see previous pages Quality in Human Resource Management: Effective Recruitment: Frameworks: Considering the issue of effective recruitment in quality of human resource management, one of the frameworks that are significantly associated is the legal framework. With the need for high quality employees in an organization, employment contracts are essential that binds the relation of the employees with the company and its objectives. Contracts clearly define the tenure and responsibilities of the employees and hence are an essential part of the process of recruitment. The rights and laws related to employees are important for recruitment that includes laws for anti-discrimination, legislations for protection of data, as well as rights of privacy and dignity. The five major components of the legal framework or contract of employment are: offer of employment; acceptance of the offer; payment or fees; certainty; and legality (Leighton and Proctor 2006). Another framework associated with effective recruitment as part of quality in human resource management is the systems framework. ...
Outside the meso system, the macro and exo systems are present where the local economy is included, along with the communal facilities, and systems of learning, the mass media, and the administration (Krysik and Finn 2013). Training framework is known in the world of business since long ago and is still considered as one of the best methods for achieving quality in human resource management. This involves training and education of the human resource managers that are essential for the achievement of business goals. Training plans are the fundamental of any organization considering the human resource management where the modules involved include: total quality awareness; team building; meeting skills; TQM tools and techniques; presentation skills; facilitator training; project management; and quality planning (Harrison 1997). A model framework for evaluation of recruiters also has been found to be effective in maintaining quality of human resource management. This framework clears certain steps for an effective process of recruitment. According to this model, truthful information needs to be gathered about the candidates for interview, in effect with the moral and ethical standards as essential for an organization. The interviewers should be such chosen that they match with the candidates and proper collection of information from the candidates during the interview needs to be done. The emotional state of mind of the candidates should also be kept in focus and studied. Recruiter evaluation can effectively be done with the collected information that they collect during and after the interviews (Jones, Steffy and Bray 1991). Methodologies: In order to achieve effective recruitment of candidates for enhancing the quality of human resource ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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