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HR Policy and Guideline implementation to MEGlobal Human Resources - Case Study Example

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Abstract Managing people from diverse backgrounds is quite a challenging task given that these people have different cultures that shape their behaviour. As shown in the case study based research of MEGlobal below, organizational culture is very important since it impacts on the way people relate in an organization…
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HR Policy and Guideline implementation to MEGlobal Human Resources Case Study
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Download file to see previous pages It has also been found in the study that global HR perspectives should be accommodative to people from diverse cultural backgrounds. This is very important since it helps people to identify with the organization. Introduction Managing human resources issues in organizations that are comprised of people from different nations is quite challenging as a result of the fact that the cultures of these people differ. Research has also shown the significance of human resources management especially in the changing global environment in which organisations operate. It can be seen that there ought to be rules in every organization hence the HRM policies in multi-national or international organisations ought to be standardised so as to be in a position to create fair working conditions among people from different cultures belonging to the organization. As such, this paper has been designed to analyse the case study of MEGlobal. The paper starts by describing the case study and this is followed by carrying out a critical analysis of what ought to be done in order to improve the HR policies in the company. Situational analysis MEGlobal is one of the leading producers and marketers of Glycol and it has offices in USA, Canada, Switzerland, China, Hong Kong and Dubai but the main manufacturing location is in western Canada. However, one of the offices has faces the situation that needs to be addressed without offending four of the employees who are labelled as having bad body odor and mouth odor to the point that it has become difficult for other people to conduct business. Being a multi ethnic office, the other problem is that the pantry smells of a variety of ethnic foods when they are microwaved. There is negative talk about these people who apparently are hardworking employees and very good in their respective jobs. In order to address the issue raised in the case study given, it is imperative to take a holistic approach so that there is no person who will feel side-lined. Significance of culture It is imperative to ensure that the organizational policies are designed to include aspects that are concerned with improving the welfare of the people in different ways. The policies should be designed in such a way that they address employee welfare issue solving conflicts as well as motivating the employees to put optimum effort in their operations. The aspect of culture should be given priority in as far as solving this particular case is concerned. According to Werner et al (2003), culture can be simply defined as a way of doing things by an identified group of people. There are two different forms of culture namely: culture of the local people as well as organizational culture. When HRM policies are being designed, these factors need to be taken into consideration. In this particular case, it can be noted that the convergence of different cultures is means that a holistic approach has to be taken when addressing the issue of “odour” among some of the employees. As noted, employees at MEGlobal come from different cultural backgrounds and what may appear to be unusual is common in other cultures. The concept of human resources management should be carefully taken into consideration in as far as dealing with the aspect of culture is concerned. “HRM is described as a system of philosophies, policies as well as practices that affect the people who work in the organization,” (Jackson et al 2001, p. 119). Since people are the most important asset ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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HR Policy and Guideline Implementation to MEGlobal Human Resources Case Study.
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