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Analysis of PJR Designs - Case Study Example

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The paper "Analysis of PJR Designs " describes that the PJR Design (Sydney) Ltd study case exhibits a corporate management system with a clearly defined hierarchy: the founding partners, the general managers, export managers, production managers and the internal designer. …
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Analysis of PJR Designs
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Extract of sample "Analysis of PJR Designs"

Download file to see previous pages These are the first people who team up to register a company, corporation or a business set up. A majority of entrepreneurial skills enhances survival and copes with the stiff competition in the market. Most of these skills range from unique business strategies, development of consumer products through technology to guidelines for the achievements of the above (Daft, 2010: P 91). They provide guidance to companies, clear objectives, and priorities for successful ventures. Other tasks may entail supervising the acquisition of property, expansion, organization and all powers in disposing of assets.
They are in charge of some department in the company and assume everyday administration of the company. In rank, they are below the executives but above the common employees. They possess a high understanding of the working of the company, very skilled in leading the other employees and managing them. They are to supervise, in person or through others, the workforce and make amicable decisions on behalf of the company (Daft, 2010: P 218). He has powers to appoint and fire employees deemed unproductive to ensure positive productivity.
The productivity of a company is possible through determination of the number of units produced in a given period. The production responsibility squarely rests upon the production manager. The responsibility for ensuring that all systems are running and meeting deadlines lie to him. Acquisition of orders for production and assigning of personnel to do the job also forms part of his/her work. He gives directions on the work done, and when the need arises, gives recommendations on the staff or the types and kinds of machines required to enhance productivity (Daft, 2010: P 216).
The export manager represents the company in the international business phase. The responsibility of attaining targets from international clients lay at his shoulders, and the meeting of deadlines (Tripathi & Reddy 2006: P. 95). The functions of shipping products for export and other modes of ensuring that the products reach the global market in time lies under him.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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