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- HR - Case Study Example

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In the era of globalization, the MNCs are feeling the pressure of not only gaining a competitive advantage but also of their Human resource management. In a complex scenario the role of the HR department has gathered a high importance in the successful operation and failure of…
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Case Study - HR
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Download file to see previous pages This project report would deal with a UK based growing company, Vitamond which manufacturers a range of non alcoholic drinks which has positioned as a healthy life style. The company has decided to set up a manufacturing plant in France. Therefore the report would deal with the HR practises and policies of France as compared to UK.
The HRM practises usually vary to a great extend between different nationality and it was mainly due to the changing practise of HR policies and practises due to acquisition or expansion. To a great extent, HRM penetration reflects the complex interaction between the difference in between the culture and globalization (Price, 2007, p.593). There exists a huge difference between the human resource practise in UK and that of France. The regulatory factors in UK and France differ in number on aspects. France ranks high in terms of employment protection legislation among the OECD countries. UK employers tend to face minimum legal restriction on firing of an employee and hiring of an employee. A high rate of difference exists between the two countries is in the area of employee representation and performance pay (See Appendix A). It can be seen that performance pay is 19.9% in UK whereas in France it is 72.6% (Lorenz,, n.d, p.5).
In UK, additional incentives from the standard pay scales are paid to the employees based on the performance of the individual, but however gender gaps still prevails in UK. However in case of France, the French are the champions for individualisations of compensation which might turn equity into key issues. France has the willingness to increase its compensation flexibility taking into consideration the important and necessary benefits. Therefore the HR professionals experience difficulty in linking the design and implementing its compensation with the structure of the organisation (Česynienė, 2008, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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... units, SYSCO adopted the market-driven approach through which the managers of regional operations were given only those corporate HR programs which they required. Since operational activities are tactical in nature therefore, through this approach HR professionals cooperated with operating managers to only identify and implement needed programs and policies. The strategic role of HR at SYSCO is focusing on high turnover rates of night shift warehouse workers which is not only a problem for SYSCO but for other distribution firms as well. HR devised and implemented a number of programs and services such as conducted a survey of employees and managers to analyze the reasons of turnover. In this way, by devising the strategy and implementing...
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... required from them. Learning and development was the key point which was integrated in the overall HR strategy of Disney as employees were specifically trained in various areas of operations while at the same time allowing them to build on their multi-dimensional expertise. The overall general HR policies regarding hiring, training and developing employees were well-defined and most of the tasks were performed through in-house employees hired and developed over the period of time. (Kreitner, 2009) Strengths & Weaknesses Employee More focus on developing employees and their personalities so that they can deliver superior value to customers. A supported environment for employees has been created which fosters responsibility and creativity...
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.... belongs. HR Wallingford, along with the other members of the Intermediate Sector, is a company whose activities generate research outcomes into new technologies and innovations for the business, industry and government sectors to use. These organisations are known to immediately respond to the market and have the primary objective of providing research and development in order to maintain the competitiveness as well as the sales and profits of the United Kingdom. HR Wallingford is a company that provides research and solutions for civil engineering and environmental hydraulics, particularly in water and water environment management. Discussion HR Wallingford and the Use of Management Information Systems HR Wallingford... HR Wallingford...
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Positive Impact of HR Practices on Firms Performance

... on the HR managers not only to select the right kind of candidates for various job openings but also to see that already working candidates also are continuously upgraded in their skills so that their contribution to the organizational growth is a continuous affair and not one which rests on chances. While there could be very many factors which influence different kinds of employees, still we could always lay our hands on a few principles which have at least widespread, if not universal, application potential. In this analysis we try to identify such valuable HRM principles which have proven their worth in many organizations under many conditions. Such an exercise would sharpen our insight into many valuable HR practices and equip us...
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The Influence of HR Policies in Precision Optical Limited

... for training; leads to productivity loss; and causes a decrease in sales (Garavan 1991). Moreover, Kreisman (2002) emphasizes that the success of a company prudently depends on its ability to attract and retain employees, apart from their capacity to promote and exercise innovation, flexibility, and creativity. The retention of a talented and stable workforce has become an advantage for enterprises in today’s competitive market. Thus, organisations must adopt HR strategies that are dovetailed to the needs of today’s workforce to maintain an adequate number of key talents. The ability to retain employees determines a company’s stability, a characteristic that most stakeholders seek. Despite the alarming increase of employee turnover...
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...HR People, Organizations and Management Contents Sr. # Topic Pg Introduction 2 2. Comparison of approaches to teamwork and team working 3 3.Comparison of Organizational Structure and Design 7 4. Comparison of Cultures 8 5. Conclusion 9 Bibliography 9 1. Introduction Managing comprises of one of the most essential and inevitable of all human activities. Organizational management is a more important aspect, which may help the managers in achieving the organizational goals through effective co-ordination of its staff and the top management. The manner in which managers govern complex organizations decides their ultimate fate, i.e. whether they are able to achieve the organizational goals with minimum hassles or whether they have...
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HR Planning/Staffing in Smith Radiator Company

... on the success of their employees. Smith Radiators Company should adopt the system to ensure they have all the necessary information regarding all their employees. Auditing The company should regularly assess the effectiveness of the HR role and ensure compliance to the set regulations. The audit should be conducted an external consultant as he does not have any personal interest or bias since he does not have any vested interest in the company. The audit evaluates the success of the company’s service in delivery to it’s clients. Staffing Smith Radiators Company should practice good hiring, recruitment, selection and retention of the workers. Staffing entails a broad scope of activities that are involved in the relationship between...
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I Am Qualified, Why Not Me - Why We Hate HR

...from within would provide much needed motivation in the workforce, lessen employee turnover, create job satisfaction and opportunities for greater productivity. Section II. Evaluation, Analysis and Synthesis of an Article How is it possible that a popular magazine like Fast Company would run this as a cover story? The article “Why We Hate HR” written by Keith H. Hammonds, reported to be the deputy editor of Fast Company published it as a cover story to increase awareness on the reasons why HR remain to be seen as inefficient in linking strategies to organizational outcome. As disclosed, there were apparently six reasons why HR does not effectively deliver to the achievement of...
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