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- Mr. Brown, Heart block - Case Study Example

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Case Study - Mr. Brown, Heart block Abstract The discussion involves an understanding of the necessary steps that can be taken in solving any sort of ethical dilemmas that might arise in any situation. The dilemma which has been viewed in this discussion was related to Mr…
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Case Study - Mr. Brown, Heart block
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Extract of sample "- Mr. Brown, Heart block"

Download file to see previous pages Brown did not want a pacemaker in his chest. In this context, the ethical principles which are involved along with identifying alternatives and developing a suitable action plan for solving the ethical problem relating to this case has been depicted. Steps To Take When Solving Ethical Dilemmas A 70 years aged patient, Ed Brown was admitted in the hospital suffering from the problem of third-degree heart block along with the syncopal episodes, weakness as well as fatigue for around 21 days. In consultation with a cardiologist, it was observed that Mr. Brown required a stable pacemaker which was conveyed to the patient and thus an approval was obtained thereof. However, while being taken to the holding area, Mr. Brown changed his mind deciphering strong reluctance to undergo the operation. He communicated with the nurse regarding his wish. The information was then conveyed immediately to physician. After attending the patient in the holding area, the physician then suggested Mr. Brown to discuss the entire procedure. The examples referred above depict one of the common phenomena witnessed in medical treatments where patients often change their decisions just prior to the surgery due to anxiety or uneasiness or emotional dilemma. The key players engaged with the case can be identified as the patient, Mr. Brown, the nurse and the physician or surgeon. Apparently, Mr. Brown’s wish was to regain his health while the interests of the nurse and the physician was to render adequate health assistance to the patient and ultimately cure the problems with which he was admitted to the hospital. From an in-depth perspective, the wish of the nurse was to assist the patient in order to serve him with appropriate healthcare without hampering his interests. In this context, a strong influence of emotional strength can be witnessed which in turn motivated Mr. Brown to reject undertaking the medical treatment with the pacemaker surgery just before he was being taken to the holding area. The emotional interests of the patient in this context can be identified as his willingness to have no other injuries on his body because of surgery. It can also be affirmed that as Mr. Brown was already 70 years old, he might have preferred to die with dignity without taking the support of a machine to live a longer life. This gave rise to the dilemma for the medical practitioners to secure their medical obligations of to preserve the emotional interests of Mr. Brown. Dilemma With regard to the case study, it has been viewed that the main dilemma was that the cardiologist desired to perform the surgery to set pacemaker in Mr. Brown’s respiratory system so as to satisfy his professional obligations to secure patient’s health and preserve life. In the similar context, the nurse also desired to preserve Mr. Brown’s life serving his with adequate medical assistance, but simultaneously ensuring that his emotional interests were not hurt. On the other hand, the reluctance deciphered by Mr. Brown a few minutes prior to the surgery before being placed in the holding area can be assumed to be his anxiety of undergoing such a major operation or his emotional interest to face death with dignity. Hence, even though the moral concerns of all these key players can be identified as just and appropriate, the clash between patient’s emotional interests and practitioners’ professional interests gave rise to the conflict. According to the case study, it can be stated that in such circumstances, in case the surgery ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Case Study - Mr. Brown, Heart Block Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words)
Case Study - Mr. Brown, Heart Block Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
“Case Study - Mr. Brown, Heart Block Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d.
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