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The Ethical Process in Solving an Ethical Dilemma - Assignment Example

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The reporter states that the ethical process is a step by step procedure that is used to solve ethical issues, make sound judgments and solves conflicts that may arise in our day in day out lives and also in the environment that we are in with our colleagues…
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The Ethical Process in Solving an Ethical Dilemma
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Download file to see previous pages The other challenging bit is the fact that, the reason was to save the life of someone else.
The second ethical step is to know what or why it happened, that is getting to realize that what happened was wrong and trying to get the story straight as to why it happened. This also involves getting relevant evidence that may have caused the car to be broken into. For this matter, the car was taken for the purpose of saving the life of another human being by rushing them to hospital. It can be argued that, if that intent was not carried out, then the life of another individual would be put at risk and it would have been much worse than taking the car in the first place. Supporting document as to why the car was taken would have been the hospital documents such as receipts, hospital card that show that the patient was really taken to the hospital.
The third step is to verify whether the ethical issue is a regulatory issue or a process issue. This relates to why it was carried out. For this case, the car was taken because there were no other possible options at the moment that could have been implemented. It was the only car in the vicinity that could have been used.
The fourth step would be to review and compare whether the ethical issue has a rule that is tied to it. This can be referred to a variety of resources such as the ASHAs Code of Ethics. For this case, after the car was taken so as to take someone to the hospital. It would have been procedural to look up the ethical dilemma in the Code of Ethics and find a sound action to incorporate so as to make the situation better or both parties, including the owner of the car.
The fifth step in reviewing the ethical process is to know who is in charge and has the control in the situation. For example, the car was taken and the individual in charge was the driver. This is the ideal person who will be able to explain what came along and why he/she had to do it and come up with a sound judgment based on the storyline. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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