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Following Unethical Military Orders - Essay Example

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This paper "Following Unethical Military Orders" discusses the military discipline and effectiveness that is based on the fact that they have to obey the orders that are given to them. The emphasis on military ethics can be seen with the recruits who are taught how to obey without question…
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Following Unethical Military Orders
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Extract of sample "Following Unethical Military Orders"

Download file to see previous pages There are serious consequences for members who do not adhere to the orders stated. In the military, it is considered a crime not to obey the orders stated (Dream, 2011). Consider for instance the ethics of killing criminals which in most cases has been criticized by the public. This is because they table their argument that it can never be right to use deadly forces to enhance law and order against people intentionally. It cannot be ignored that killing is always wrong since it is the responsibility of God to give and take life and not human beings. It is a sign of violating human dignity since statistics show that even innocent people end up being victims.

Military officers do not have a right to retaliate over their enemies. However, members of the military argue that killing in some cases is justified, especially as a form of defense. Power, security, and economy are the great determinants of the international relations that exist among different countries. This is an implication that countries that have not fully stabilized their military institutions are likely to feel unsafe and this makes them want to establish the best economic relations with those that have military stability (Mobley, 2009). The policy of cooperation is best underpinned by the realism theory that fosters national interest and security over ideological differences. The military ethical orders are an evolving inquiry. This means that experts are always looking and studying the past for the purpose of understanding the future.

In most countries, ethical policies in the military are considered to be those that are about the choices and goals which appear to be outward-looking and those that are mad of aggression to both opportunities and challenges. Most of the ethical considerations in the army are influenced by domestic considerations and also by past experiences. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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