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Production and operation management - Essay Example

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Production and Operation Management Turbo exhaust is the designer and manufacturer of customized superior performance automotive exhaust system and extractors headquartered in Sydney. The organization is providing its services to the Australian motor racing industry…
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Production and operation management
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Download file to see previous pages The organization has able to fulfil its demand as a supplier of extractor and exhaust system to the motor racing industry and performance street car sections. The implementation of off-the-shelf system attracted the price sensitive customers. This off-the-shelf system led the organization to produce more standardized exhaust system. However, the developed exhaust system seemed to be slightly inferior comparing to the customized extractors. Few months earlier, the organization was approached by an organization that used to distribute national car parts. The name of the organization is The Performance Shop. From the starting days the organizations has achieved growth significantly, but it was identified that, after achieving impressive growth the profit margin was not up to the expectation level. Presently, the organization is facing several accounting and business operational problems. The objective of the study is to identify and discuss the operational aspects that are affecting Turbo Exhausts. In order to achieve the objective of the study, the research will conduct a technical analysis on the current production process used by Turbo Exhausts. The study will be continued by the problem identification and specification. Moreover, the study will highlight daily operational issues and identify the broader organizational issues that have been caused by operational problems. ...
By the way, here the issues are not basis on sales, but on effectual utilization of the resources, rational and optimum utility of the machineries and meeting the deadlines in supply, overall business profits etc, where the study focuses. The study is based on Production and Operation Management. Production and operations management (POM) can be defined as the management of an organization’s production system that enhance and improve the production and the business operation of an organization. Since the Manufacturing system renovates the inputs into outputs, the procedure of adaptation has become the most crucial activity. The inadequate planning in scheduling the manufacturing programme, unproductive co-ordination and general controlling make a negative impact on the whole systems of manufacturing and its capabilities. As a result, these structures get underutilized and the companies become less effective in order to compete with several successful companies. To ensure efficient and smooth operation, industrial manufacturing is developed with successful planning, control and implementation. Production Management turns around Five “M”s, such as Machine, Men/ Women, Methods, Money and Materials. The firm has to renew and authorize the workforce in order to accept the new challenges in the optimization of the manufacturing process by leveraging the greatest combination of Process or Methods. Conversion Process is one of the important processes that optimize the manufacturing and operational process. There are various methods of handling the production process, such as Batch, Job, Group and Flow. The most critical investment for the future is the flexibility and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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