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Online Promotion Management - Essay Example

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The paper "Online Promotion Management" discusses management and leadership. It looks into the Kelly McDevitt's experience of online promotion managing of Best Buy, most of that she does from home. Result Only Work facilitated much productivity from their employees…
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Online Promotion Management
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Extract of sample "Online Promotion Management"

Online Promotion Management
Part one
1) The video of Chapter seven talks about management and leadership. We get to see Kelly McDevitt who is an online Promotion manager Best Buy. She does most of the work from home. She goes for meetings at the office but they are rare and optional. This is under their (Result Only Work environment) known as (ROW) . They tested this culture on GE who valued face time in the office but later learned that ROW facilitated much productivity from their employees. Almost al the employees at BEST were able to get a flexible work schedule base on the ROW culture.
2) The five steps for controlling include , establishing clear standards , monitoring and recording , compare results against standards , communicate results and If needed, take corrective action (Nickel et al 78). You will the send the feed back to check if the standards are realistic . If not you will have to start he process again.
These steps will be essential when being implemented with a telecommuter in order to establish authority and eligibility. It also provides the initial steps for initiating telecommuting from the employees or management . The telecommuter should have a history reliable and responsible discharge of their work duties, full understanding of the operations, pursue high quality work production and establish priorities with regard to effective time management.
3) Telecommuting changes the skills of first level supervisors to be able to harmonize the demands of management and collective work force. It is able to allow the lowest level managers to use their levers and influence their position to improve the whole organization. There is positive development as the first level supervisors have more influence in productivity, product quality and good labor relationships in the company (Nickel et al 72) .
Part two
1) The video of Chapter nine talks about production and operation management. It talks of Ball Brother Glass MGC Co. Who made containers for paint and changed to a more form contemporary packaging. The Ball Co. get a lot of revenue of beverage and food container. On production, they use aluminium to make the can. Factors that affect production includes location, Ball Co. has over 30 manufacturing companies that are close to the customer. They also employ just in time inventory to reduce of cost of warehousing. Quality control is also helpful in ensuring that the customers get the best from this company.
2) The future of manufacturing in the U. S will continue to grow. With the advancement of technology, there is likely to be more manufacturers in the U.S . Most of the companies have adopted efficient automated manufacturing techniques to the new challenges of foreign manufactures (Nickel et al 56). Since the manufacturing industry is competitive, Ball Co. put much focus the customers, close relationship with suppliers , focus on quality and adopting new production techniques.
3) Michelin Group is a company in France that has insourced in the United States. They chose the United States because of the quality, skill level and work ethic of the U.S workers. The top states that this company has used for insourcing are North Carolina, Michigan, Florida and Pennsylvania.
Work cited
Nickels, William G, James M. McHugh, and Susan M. McHugh. Understanding Business. New York: McGraw-Hill Irwin, 2013. Print. Read More
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