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OPERATIONS AND QUALITY MANAGEMENT: Role of quality in TPMS - Essay Example

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With the advent of technology and the increased competitiveness in the burgeoning markets of modern era, certain aspects have emerged as the prime factors behind business success and growth. Many such factors, like market size, need and growth, can be classified as external…
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Extract of sample "OPERATIONS AND QUALITY MANAGEMENT: Role of quality in TPMS"

Download file to see previous pages Koli has defined the concept of production and operation management as, “The management of systems and processes that create goods and services and also deals, with the design, operation and improvement of these systems and processes” (Koli, 2000). In simpler terms, one can explain this concept as a function which transforms the inputs into desire outputs, which ultimately provide value to the consumers. If the operation function is not in place or is hampered by any reason, then the reason for existence of other functions, that is marketing and finance, is also jeopardized. Koli has further suggested in his book that the strategy employed in production and operation management deals with the formulation and implementation of such policies which facilitate the effective usage of production resources and is aligned with the broader organizational strategy.
Over the years, a key element of production and operation management which has been emphasized tremendously by various businesses is Quality. ISO 8402-1986 has defined quality as, “The totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bears its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs” (Business Dictionary). Mukherjee has suggested that quality pertaining to any product should address three F’s; Fit, Form and Function. It should be noted that this definition is limited to products only and does not take services into its paradigm (Mukhaerjee, 2006). Mukherjee has also quoted Juran in his book, who has explained the term quality as fitness for use. It implies that as long as the product or service has the ability to deliver the intended use or the product and service can be employed into usage satisfactorily, it is safe to say that its quality is good.
Quality, if explained in a broader sense, relates to the ability of any product or service to meet or surpass customer expectation in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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