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Chinese Men's Gymnastics Team - Essay Example

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Name: Tutor: Task: Date: Team in Action: Chinese Men’s Gymnastics Team Introduction The summer Olympics of 2012 were held in London. The 2012 summer was reported as biggest multisport events ever held in past Olympic preparations as international Olympic committee (IOC) noted due to fact that it has hosted several Olympics games compared to past international championships…
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Chinese Mens Gymnastics Team
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Download file to see previous pages In this category, Chinese Men’s gymnastics team was the main highlight of the event with large cloud cheering for their favorites. Over the past world competitions especially in Olympic Games, the Chinese Men’s gymnastics team has always been a moving force in gymnastics category due to their stunning performances. The team great performance has been greatly influenced by its credible leaders and talented teamwork. From first team heads LI Ning and Li Xiaoshuang to team leader Xiaopeng and his counterpart Yang Wei, Chinese Men’s gymnastics team has produced commendable results scoping top positions and several medals in the events. For instance, in the Los Angles Olympics held in year 1984 the team was the second run-up by taking the silver medal. The team leaders were not happy with the silver medal owing to their dedication to teamwork as well as resources invented for their preparation. However, in the following Olympic Games that were held in Beijing, the Chinese male Gymnastic team was regarded as the winning team due to their excellence show in the group stages. The team comprised of experienced team leaders as well as new freshmen who offered stunning performance and cooperation. ...
This has been evidenced by stunning performance where the team won all the Gold medals in 2003, 2006, 2007, 2010 and 2012 respectively. As Anderson (58), suggest the Chinese Men gymnastics team is recognized as major highlight of any world championship events and hot gold medal favorite due to their strength. Team leadership In the Rotterdam, the Netherlands world championships, the Chinese men gymnastic team comprised of the following gold medal winners: Chen Yibing (ring champion), Teng Haibin (parallel bars vice champion), Yan Mingyong (Rings vice champion), Feng Zhe (parallel bars vice champion) and Zhang Chenglong (horizontal horse champion). Over the past world championships in Gymnastics, the experienced team members mentioned above have remained at the pinnacle of the gold medal team performances, though there are upcoming new members considering the 2012 London Olympics games. In this regard, the gold medal winning team in 2012 event in London team comprises of Feng Zhe, Guo Weiyang, Zou Kai pose, Chen Yibing and Zhang Chenglong respectively. In this list of gold medal winner’s championships, it is evidence that experienced team names remain in the team due to their leadership and team strengths. With the team having a poor position for 2012 London Olympic event, most people did not expect to see the team stunning performance. Many spectators would have wondered how the Chinese men gymnastic team, which was defending Olympic champion and world titleholder for decade, would lose its strengths. The team fans had booked their tickets in advance for the opening game schedule to cheer the squad. According to media release, the fans would be had shouting the name of the new team ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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