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The chunnel project - Essay Example

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Name: Course: Tutor: Date: The Chunnel Project The Chunnel Tunnel project is one of the largest privately funded construction projects to have ever been carried out. This project, commonly referred to as the Chunnel, has so been undertaken so as to build an underground tunnel connection between England and France…
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The chunnel project
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Extract of sample "The chunnel project"

Download file to see previous pages The Chunnel Project case study has been structured in such a way that it is possible for one to carry out an evaluation of the project management methods as well as the various process that have been used in the project. This study actually makes an inclusive coverage of the various project management areas as catered for by the four project phases of inception, development, implementation and closeout (Anbari et al 12). So as to guarantee better management control- characterized by appropriate links to the performing organization’s ongoing operations, the institution (organization) or even the project managers can split the project into various phases. En masse, these phases are what are commonly referred to as the project life cycle (Anbari et al 15). Notably, it is the project lifecycle which is obliged with the definition of the phases connecting the commencement of a project to its completion. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that phases are ordinarily sequential and are at the same time defined by certain precise forms of technical information transfer. Alternatively, the phases may be so defined by technical component handoff. Despite the fact that majority of life cycles have shared phase names with like deliverables, only countable of the life cycles are identical. While some of them have four-if not five- phases, there are those having over nine phases (Anbari et al 19). As mentioned in an earlier paragraph, the Chunnel Project case study avails a discussion of the four project phases as will be discussed and evaluated in the preceding paragraphs. Inception phase The initial scope of the Chunnel, in the Inception phase, was constructing a fixed transportation link between the two countries; England and France. Through this transport link, it was expected that economic development will be spurred, European trade boosted as well as avail an alternative high-speed mode of transportation to the existing ones, including ferries, boats and planes. The Channel Tunnel Group/France Manche (which later re-branded to Eurotunnel) was the company that worn the 1986 project to create a 51.5 KM double-rail tunnel between England and France. This tunnel was to accommodate not only through-trains, but also special car-and-truck-carrying shuttle trains. The project had been cost at USD 5.5 billion (Anbari et al 3). Problems Viewed from a project management angle, both the high-level design and the corresponding rough-order-of-magnitude approximations may have been apposite. Nonetheless, there was no ample time provided for the completion of the detailed design studies that would have pinpointed the necessity of air conditioning within the tunnel thus bracketing in a USD 200 million increments not included in the very initial scope (Anbari et al 4). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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