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Interest of Tree Growth along the Tagliamen River - Statistics Project Example

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A writer of the paper "Interest of Tree Growth along the Tagliamen River" reports that based on the ‘tree growth data’, seven tree sites with a total of 280 were explored. The sites were located along the river’s channel, with each site having an equal number of trees. …
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Interest of Tree Growth along the Tagliamen River
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Extract of sample "Interest of Tree Growth along the Tagliamen River"

Download file to see previous pages Site A was the furthest upstream site, with the other sites following in an alphabetical order to the seventh, site G. Measurements were taken in two sessions; the first in 2005 and the second in 2010. 140 measurements were taken in each of the two sessions. The average tree height was 304.75 cm (std. dev. = 28.67), with the tallest being 407cm and the shortest 247 cm. The average trunk diameter for the 180 trees was 2.12 (std. dev. = 0.55), with the thickest being 5.0 cm and the thinnest 1.1 cm. The average number of annual growth rings was 8.38 (std. dev. = 3.38); the maximum is 20 and the minimum 3. Based on the ‘river data’, measurements of the various components of the river’s waters were done between the 65th and 90th years. The 90th year had the most measurements, with 19 (6.8%) occurring in that year. The 71st year had the least number of measurements (1, 0.4) recorded. Through the years, June and November recorded the lowest number of measurements taken (20, comprising 7.2% for each) while July and December recorded the highest number (26, comprising 9.3% for each). Most measurements were taken on the 1st day of any month (96, translating to 34.4%) while none were taken on the 21st and 25th days. The average depth of the water in the river was 0.389m (std. dev. = 0.147), with the deepest measurement taken at 0.782m and the shallowest 0.036m. The average discharge rate was 10.663m3/s (std. dev. = 4.203), with the highest rate reported at 22.653m3/s and the lowest at 3.751 m3/s. The research sought to investigate the research question: is there the significant positive correlation between the depth of water in the river and the rate of discharge reported? Correlation analysis was undertaken. The test hypothesis is: The Pearson correlation coefficient was statistically significant (ρ = 0.764, p < 0.001). The null hypothesis was rejected at the 5% level of significance.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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