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Personal development as a strategic manager - Dissertation Example

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Personal development as a strategic manager 1. PERSONAL SKILLS FOR STRATEGIC AMBITION The primary school in context is located in a socially, economically marginalised as well as disadvantaged area within the city. The school provides educational services to various multi ethnic communities characterised with the highest level of unemployment as compared to other parts of the city…
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Personal development as a strategic manager
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Download file to see previous pages Most of these refugees come from Eastern Europe thus the school is characterised with children joining at different times of the year. Because of this attribute the school has a higher number of pupils in the school who require specialist help. My role within the organisation is at a senior level as ‘Reading Consultant, the main duties include, teaching, delivering specialist reading intervention programmes and supporting teaching assistants delivering targeted support to children who are underachieving . My key area of management in this institution is the responsibility to develop Reading throughout the school. My work also involves working closely with parents and the community as well as developing partnerships with local schools. Taking into account the nature, scope and the underlying problems in this primary school it is evident that there is need to adopt specialised skills in order to execute the underlying task and responsibility in this organisation. 1.1. Organization Strategic Direction STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES OF THE ORGANISATION The goals and objectives of this institution are :- To provide exceptional and inspirational teaching across a broad and intellectually stimulating curriculum. To offer excellent pastoral care in a school that is safe, healthy, secure and environmentally aware. To raise the profile of the school as a centre of academic excellence. To offer all children the opportunity to explore and develop their talents through the provision of extra curricular programme. To optimise the use of the school’s resources including staff, ICT, infrastructure, land and buildings for the benefit of current and future pupils To enhance the school’s facilities for sport, music and the performing arts. To strengthen partnerships with the newly established children’s centre. According to Mintzberg on his research on the roles of strategic manager on the perspective of organisation strategic direction, the categories of strategic management roles that he provides includes interpersonal, decisional and informational. It is important for managers to possess the relevant skills and experience to perform the underlying roles. Interpersonal roles mainly involve relationship of managers and the stakeholders within and outside the organization. These roles include being the organisational figurehead in which the acts as a symbolic head with unique status and authority and this involves myself speaking to the community on issues mainly education, and learning matters. Secondly concerns leadership where the subordinates are lead and this may involve indirect interpersonal role which include supporting teaching assistants and overseeing the adherence to the time table. Under this there is liaison where the manager effectively manages the information centre where network skills are enhanced, activities involved are collaborating with the local schools to enhance sharing of resources, expertise and skills. Decisional roles include managers acting as entrepreneur in which they initiate changes that aims at improving the organisational projects at various levels. Disturbances handler is another role where the manager is expected to deal with staff and any form of activity to stabilize the organisation, this include harmonising the learning process among children from various ethnic groups. Strategic managers also make decisions regarding the resource allocation making ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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