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For me, business is more than just a job, it is a way of life. I do not aim to be just another employee in a firm, but rather I wish to be a businessman, one who risks his own capital and creates goods and services that are helpful and desirable to the community and society…
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Personal Development Plan Personal Statement
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Download file to see previous pages With these long-term goals in mind, it is time to plan my life direction.
I am now taking a Business Studies course, working for my bachelor's degree. Since I am only in college, I am still very hesitant in taking the big step after graduation. I feel that I lack the confidence and drive to strike out on my own and attain the grand dreams I have planned for myself. I know I still lack experience, and I still lack an understanding of how to deal with people. Until now, I have dealt mostly with books and ideas. At present, I feel that my course has not yet prepared me sufficiently for work after graduation. Although I try very hard to comply with the academic requirements, I feel that the business world is much broader and deeper than mere theory.
There are several things that I would want to stop doing to improve my performance. Two of them are (1) to stop the habit of putting things off until the last minute, and (2) to stop putting the blame on other people or things when I am not able to comply with requirements. The first habit shows how poorly I manage my time, and the second is a childish habit of not taking the responsibility for my own performance. As I prepare for graduation and work after that, I should learn to mature, manage my time better, and become a more responsible person.
There are two things I would want to continue, and these are (1) to continue the hard work I put into my studies, and (2) to continue improving on my communication skills. I believe that I have really exerted myself in the theoretical foundation of my degree, but learning is only one aspect. There is always room for improvement in communication, so that I can share what I have learned and what original ideas I have with my colleagues in school and, eventually, at work.
Finally, of all the things I want to start, there are two in particular. These are: (1) to start saving up my money for future investment, and (2) to start building personal relationships that will help my career someday. As a student in business, I know that financial resources will move the success of an enterprise, and I must be ready with my own capital; there is no sense in thinking up a business if there is no capital to invest. Also, building friendships may not seem much beyond catering to personal satisfaction, but business is all about people. A successful business harnesses the talents and resources of people, not to take advantage of them, but to make them productive and create more value.
Where am I going'
I dream of becoming a successful global businessman someday. But while I have grand goals for the future, I believe that I should have reasonable aims for the short term. Within six months to one year after graduation, I hope to be able to start a career in the retail industry, as a manager of a retail store in order to get an understanding of the business. In the longer term, I hope to establish my own chain of retail stores, develop a franchise and through it market my product across the globe.
Given the unfolding economic crisis, in the next few years there appears to be a greater chance for success for businesses that provide basic consumer needs. These are considered "defensive" industries because even in an economic downturn, sales in these areas usually remain brisk because they provide the daily necessities consumers cannot do without. These businesses have to do with food, clothing, and medicines.
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