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Effective Team and Performance Management - (my reference: bdr) - Essay Example

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EFFECTIVE TEAM AND PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT Institution Date Teamwork is actually a very powerful tool in accomplishing tasks that would otherwise appear difficult and impossible to tackle. I came to realize this fact after having been engaged in a group work tasked to solve very difficult and challenging missions…
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Effective Team and Performance Management - (my reference: bdr)
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Download file to see previous pages My team was well organized and had good Briton team leader who depicted appropriate communication and leadership skills that bound and unified the team. All the members of the team were willing to work together just to make the teamwork effective and on the right channel to achieve rightful results. At the forming stage of the team, I was somewhat anxious and disturbed about the effectiveness and the possibility of the team operating in the right direction. My anxiety was due to the cultural and language barriers and diversity that had actual and true power of ruining the team. However, with the progressive development in the forming stage the members came to familiarize with each other and with the awaiting tasks (Apex Leadership Ltd). I have to confirm that the forming stage of my team was very successful considering the efforts by the team leader to ensure that every individual was aware of the overall missions of the project. The team leader also showed significant aspects of organization at the forming stage disclosing to the group members the main phases of the missions to be achieved. Furthermore, our team leader made sure that every individual group member familiarized with available resources needed to facilitate the accomplishment of the tasks. Our team leader also provided every group member with rough schedules for the project just to show time projections to ensure total accomplishment of the impending tasks. Every individual team member had to know about the team rules that would govern the performance and operation of the group. As a way of avoiding conflict of roles and responsibilities, every team member had received specific responsibility to play throughout the process of teamwork. However, the team leader made room for shift and sharing of responsibilities among team group members. The clear and functioning leadership of our group ensured that the team did not face unnecessary competition and frictions at the Tuckman storming stage of teamwork formation (Apex Leadership Ltd). In our team, the storming stage just involved focus on solutions to problems that would occur in the progress of the teamwork. There were no conflicts or competition on the leadership structure and power as every challenge was contained at the forming stage. All team members were polite and humble, and highly inclined towards listening to each other and ready to solve any emerging problems (Harris, 1996, 21). After having provided a rough draft of the time schedule to govern members on the pace at which the project would run, members restrained from time wastage. The team members who expressed high levels of cohesion and unity in the forming stage (Apex Leadership Ltd) employed the Tuckman’s norming stage of team development. At this stage, I realized that the team members had shun and disregarded any element of discrimination and prejudice that could arise based on culture, race, language and religion. All the members accepted each other and focused on the individual opinions and deliberations. Team members also expressed significant levels of trust and belief on the team leader (Dyer & Dyer 2007, 13). The team then transpired to the critical and crucial Tuckman’s stage of performing in the teamwork formation. The first exercise in the activity list of my team was the Lost on the moon discussion. At the inception of the discussion, team members seemed confused and somewhat fearful. However, our team leader ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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