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Experience of the Practical Seminar Activities - Essay Example

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The paper presents a team of four that was to be the basis upon which team was to complete the learning process in this module. At first, the author was a little skeptical of the team as he found the newness of it quite awkward. We were only four in their team so bonding was a lot faster…
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Experience of the Practical Seminar Activities
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Download file to see previous pages There was just a start of the many lessons that I learned concerning working in a group. The process of team formation was a unique experience as I had to work with people I did not know neither had interacted with before. Thinking back on the way that the team initially got together, I can clearly understand why Tuckman (1965:87-89) developed his four-step model. The very first thing we had to do was select a leader, and since all of us were quite uncomfortable and held back a little, Hana who was the first to break the silence and quite seemed to be directing the group was chosen as the leader of our group. We were four members of the teams diverse both in gender, race, and culture. I realized that this could possibly present a problem as noted by Cox (1991:57) concerning diverse teams, but this was proved wrong as different members though uneasy at first, brought in different thoughts and perspectives into the group discussions and the search for a solution as shown by Kravitz (2011). I got to understand that a team would not be able to get focused direction without a leader who fosters the team towards bonding, familiarity and working together rather than individually (Chieh-Wen, Yi-Fang, & Ming-Chia, 2010:1299). Notably, at first, we had to develop rules on how the team would work out, the various expectation of the team and how we need to behave to accomplish various tasks and accountability. Though initially, I felt I did not own the group or understand exactly what we need to and how we need to do it, after laying out the rules and interacting for while and after realizing that my team members were as anxious as I was, I became more comfortable and gained trust in the group. This is certainly a reflection of one of Hackman’s (2002:54) that a team needs to have a strong direction and focus in its direction and needs to develop a structure upon which tasks are assigned. This is clearly noted in the manner with which various tasks are roles were assigned in the team. One of the most unique lessons that I gained was from survival activity. Not only was I able to see my team develop its own unique character, but I and my teams became one dependant on each other and highly seeking to accomplish the same thing. Different team members tended to have different characters. While two were action-oriented, one was more of realist while I was a planner engrossed on details (Chieh-Wen, Yi-Fang, & Ming-Chia, 2010:1302). At first, I thought it incredulous but fun that we had to take animal names for our group and had to develop a survival strategy for our species to survive in a constraint environment. As we continued with our survival strategy I thought, aha, this is not about just some other random assignment, but was rather a deeper look into team building, what makes teams act in togetherness, have the same goal, same zeal and work together proactively to attain what is good for all in the group (Cook, 2009:124; De Jong, & Elfring, 2010:540). This is highly reminiscent of the social exchange theory which looks at how different people in a team exchange resources in a manner that created utility for our group and enabled us to be able to brainstorm and come up with effective survival tactics for the lion in the jungle (Flynn, 2005:743). It also made me think of Freud’s group behavior model where he notes that people often have a herd instinct which potentially defines the character of a group which may be different from the individuals within the group. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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