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The aim of the paper “Leadership Skills and Acquisition of Feedback” is to analyze the most appropriate approach to implementing an effective team – the implementation of leadership skills in the organization and the establishment of revelations concerning the workforce…
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Leadership Skills and Acquisition of Feedback
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Download file to see previous pages In accordance to Witherspoon, evaluation of individual employees’ perceptions leads to the establishment of revelations concerning the workforce. Through critical evaluation approaches, there is evidence that different employees are capable of deciphering knowledgeable feedback from the management in accordance with levels of intelligence, experience, and other demographic variables. The implementations are that a leader needs to ensure evaluation of cognitive and behavioral patterns exhibited by each employee since they shall derive the desired relationships towards achieving the long-range goals and objectives. The argument emanates from the advantageous approach, which shall enable the management to establish leadership credentials of deploying effective team management characteristics (Silverman, Pagson, & Caber, 2013). At the problem identification stage, the management outlines the various stages of failure for the personnel while undertaking their daily course of tasks, and emphasized on the model approaches that shall embrace the delivery of positive feedback prior to execution tasks. Everyone that has skills in leadership management is knowledgeable about the importance of addressing individual employees in accordance to their behavioral characteristics. Further, it is evident that managers with the ability evaluate employees thus enabling organizations to acquire teamwork. The cognitive process of effective team and performance management intrigues in the critical analysis and evaluation of different management practices as denoted by Witherspoon and Silverman amongst others. Ultimately, the leadership approach to assessing individuals in the organization settles on evaluating the particular practices, and the composition of the workforce in the organizations (Cannon &Witherspoon, 2005). Reflecting on my feedback to the candidate done through random exchange of work with peers My colleagues argue out that all leaders must engage in teambuilding to ensure performance of tasks thus being assured of the acquisition of the set goals and objectives in the end. The employee tally determines the valuable outcomes of the research since the management should ensure a precise study without conflicting the companies’ workforce. Provision of feedback As the leader After the company’s immensity into evaluating the vitality feedback, I seek to use my leadership position in addressing the salient role of implementing strategies that will hold everyone in the organization accountable for his tasks. However, it is certain that feedback may not serve to the decline of conflicts and poor performances; it is evident that the approach is salient to the gradual improvement of the organization. Therefore, there will be ready information in provision to all employees in order to address the issue of unexpected conflicts, and laxity in the performance of duties (Silverman, Pagson, & Caber, 2013). Initially, the management perceived that the unbearable employee conflicts emanated from the prevailing management styles. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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