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Management Journals - Essay Example

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Cole, M. S., Harris, S. G. and Bernerth, J. B., 2006. Exploring the implications of vision, appropriateness, and execution of organizational change. Leadership & Organization Development Journal, [e-journal] 27(5), pp. 352-367. Available through: Emerald Group Publishing Limited [Accessed 1 December 2011]…
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Management Journals
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Download file to see previous pages According to the first hypothesis, managers’ beliefs about vision clarity, appropriateness and execution are positively correlated with job satisfaction and organizational commitment and negatively correlated with turnover intentions and role ambiguity. According to the second hypothesis, individual sentiments towards vision clarity, appropriateness and execution will interact to influence job satisfaction, organizational commitment, turnover intentions and role ambiguity. The researchers administered the survey instrument to a Fortune 500 company which was undergoing a transformation process. The survey was applied to 245 respondents inclusive of officers, directors and managers. The authors have mentioned the common method bias as being one of the limitations. According to the findings, a three way interaction between vision clarity, appropriateness and execution can impact upon job satisfaction, turnover intentions and role ambiguity. These findings confirm predictions about such interactions. For example, if the organizational change is perceived to be appropriate and well-executed, it increases job satisfaction. In this manner the findings have linked the three change sentiments of vision, appropriateness and execution with the four affective outcomes of job satisfaction, organizational commitment, turnover intentions and role ambiguity. ...
The research sample consisted of upper and middle level managers who were involved in a large-scale organizational change initiative. The study has a considerable level of practical implications for managers in the present day business environment which is characterized by a fast pace of change both in terms of technology and management techniques. Therefore change management has become one of the key success factors of operating in the present day business environment. The findings of the study will help managers in creating an organizational culture the building blocks of which are necessarily change sentiments and their affective outcomes. An organizational culture that is based upon the interaction effects of change attitudes upon key job-related outcomes will have a more successful experience of organizational change. Organizational change is a complex process which to be successful should incorporate inputs from managers and employees at all levels of the organizational hierarchy. This study will help management understand how the three change sentiments can affect the success of organizational change. The interaction effects of vision clarity, appropriateness and executive can impact upon job satisfaction, turnover intentions and role ambiguity. These three affective outcomes must be taken into account in successfully conducting organizational change. According to the study, organizational change has clear implications for individual change attitudes. By taking these interactions into account, today’s organizations can have a more effective change management framework which is a key success factor. Mathisen, G. E. and Einarsen, S., 2010. A review of instruments assessing creative and innovative environments within ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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