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Attitude, Emotions, Personality, and Values - Essay Example

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Attitudes and emotions developed as a result of personal experiences significantly shapes employee’s behavior in the workplace. In the case of unpleasant experiences, people…
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Attitude, Emotions, Personality, and Values
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Extract of sample "Attitude, Emotions, Personality, and Values"

Attitude, Emotions, Personality and Value s Evaluate How Attitudes and Emotions Influence Behavior
People tend to act and behave in accordance to their emotions and attitude in different situations. Attitudes and emotions developed as a result of personal experiences significantly shapes employee’s behavior in the workplace. In the case of unpleasant experiences, people tend to behave negatively toward a certain situation. Positive experience on the other hand enhances positive action toward a certain situation. The other situation in which emotions and attitude affects behavior is when an individual has sufficient knowledge about a specific subject. In this kind of situation, individuals act confidently towards the subject. People’s behaviors are also influenced by attitudes and emotion when a similar attitude is repeatedly expressed. Additionally, people may opt to alter their attitude in order to align with their behaviors in the workplace and other social places (Hockenbury and Hockenbury, 2007).
How Personality and Values Influence Behavior
An individual’s behavior is to a greater extent influenced by his/her personality and values. A person’s personality influences his/her extraversion, which is an extremely crucial aspect in human behavior. It entails the level in which an individual is sociable, outgoing, and talkative. Extraversion helps in demonstrating some individual traits such as the behavior of an inspirational leader. Personality and value also influence individuals’ agreeable behaviors. Agreeable behavior demonstrates the extent to which an individual is tolerant, kindness, warm, and sensitivity. These traits are to a great extent influenced by a person’s values and personality. Personality and value also determines one’s neuroticism traits. Neuroticism entails the level in which an individual is moody, temperamental or anxious. Individuals’ mood plays a significant role in determining behavior both in social setup and in the workplace (Hockenbury and Hockenbury, 2007).
How to Create a Plan to Increase Employee Motivation, Satisfaction, and Performance
Employee performance is considerably influenced by the level of satisfaction and motivation in an organization. Employees are always motivated toward improving their performance through five main plans. These include recognition, appreciation, satisfaction, inspiration, recognition, and compensation. To improve employee performance in workplace, motivation is very relevant and essential. Motivation increases employees’ performance and commitment in all excellence levels. There is always a very strong linkage between motivated and satisfied employee and employee performance. To satisfy and motivate employees for effective performance, managers need to plan on the most appropriate means of recognizing every employee’s excellent performance.
Managers can motivate employees through personal attention or through any other tangible rewards. To achieve this, they must be specific when appreciating employees. Employees can also be motivated by being recognized in the presence of others. Managers should plan for an effective way of motivating employees. In this case, employees should be consulted before deciding on the best way of appreciating employees. It is also advisable for managers to motivate employees through inspiration. This form of motivation comes from leadership and entails company’s purpose mission, goal, and purpose. In most cases, employees like to be associated with an organization that has outrageous performance (Maroney, 2004).
Hockenbury, D., and Hockenbury, S. (2007). Discovering Psychology in an organization. New York, NY: Worth Publishers.
Maroney, J. (2004). Employee Motivation - The 5 Master Keys for Success: How to build employee motivation by creating an environment that rewards excellence at every level. Management journals, 45, 67, 1-10 Read More
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