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Classroom management plan - Essay Example

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Classroom management plan Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Classroom management plan It is every individual believe that the classroom management is the major activity in any given educational setting. It is known that if the students are in a secure atmosphere, then studying can occur…
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Classroom management plan
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Extract of sample "Classroom management plan"

Download file to see previous pages Having the appropriate atmosphere for every student to study is the teacher’s main goal of enforcing best classroom management. Without the peaceful environment students will not be able to learn. Discipline Philosophy This season the district has incorporated classroom rules in all of the schools. As an observer during the first two days I learnt a lot that will assist me evaluate my philosophy for the teaching career a head. As a teacher I have placed a lot of emphasis in considering the values and beliefs concerning discipline and personal management style and the social objectives for the students.The objective is to arrange the logistic of the classroom so that the students in the classroom become student-centred instead of becoming teacher-centred. In order to be very organized the structure of the classroom need to vary, which allows change to be done to parts of the plan from one year to another (Elena et al, 2007 P. 64). One of the key rules is to show respect to everybody and accommodating their differences. Every student have his or her own way of learning, and creating an appreciation for those differences will be important in building a safe and peaceful classroom community.From the knowledge gained in classroom what as a teacher I view as main components classroom management plan have receive a great influence. I have view the two sides of the spectrum in ways of structure. A classroom was more structured with the structure dominating the classroom and studying was not going on. Another room was complete chaos and the instructor had lost control over his students, and he did not mind to come up with structure to improve their learning. The view of discipline in the classroom entails all of the skills an individual have had in various classroom setting. There must be a clear understanding of the structure by the teacher as well having valid concern entailing the well-being of the students. If a teacher can understand his individual values on classroom structure, he will create a very reliable management plan that he can use. The classroom experience changes the instructors way to the type of rules he chooses for the classroom. For instance, the teacher may think that one of the main rules, which cannot be negotiated, is for every student to be in school on time. The same teacher my later realize how problematic and narrow-minded the idea is when considering various schools. He can learn that such rule should not exist, as he would be putting students, most of whom have no means of controlling their morning arrival due to a guardian driver, at a disadvantage. In addition the teacher needs to be honest like the saying ‘Honest is the policy’. The instructor should become honest and show respect to those that are also honest. He should, therefore, make a classroom community where every student understands that becoming honest is the best (Sprick, 2010 P. 103). Moreover, they should learn that lying is not a means for escaping out of a problem of for getting a conflict resolved. Having this skills and expectation, the instructor will move into his classroom understanding the kind of person he his. He will also know how he will use his life experiences to assist him to be a guide for his students’ educational experience. Rules/Reward/Consequences Consequential management is an agreed measure in ensuring that students attain their set objectives. It is a positive measure as it serves to provide the student informed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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