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Elementary Classroom Curriculum: Specific Topic: Classroom Management Plan To be implemented in 3rd Grade Classroom - Research Paper Example

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Elementary Classroom Curriculum: Classroom Management Plan to be implemented in 3rd grade Classroom Classroom management is often implemented by educators in various ways and even utilizes different methods in order to effectively enhance students learning process…
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Elementary Classroom Curriculum: Specific Topic: Classroom Management Plan To be implemented in 3rd Grade Classroom
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"Elementary Classroom Curriculum: Specific Topic: Classroom Management Plan To be implemented in 3rd Grade Classroom"

Download file to see previous pages Hence, classroom management should not only address the needs of the majority but rather the whole class including the needs of the non-majority groups or more challenging students such as the gifted, talented, special children, among others. It is in this context that classroom management is broadly defined as the ability to plan, control and facilitate interaction in the classroom that is appropriate to the activity and promotes learning and takes into account different needs and abilities of learners and demonstrates an awareness of equal opportunities and diversity issues. And it is also intricately linked to classroom or academic discipline which promotes positive impact on learning. Since, this classroom management plan is specifically focused and intended for the 3rd grade; the procedures or methods of learning as well as the disciplining should be in conform to their level of understanding and development. Research-proven practice in classroom management There are various classroom practices found to improve classroom management. And these could include the following: Classroom Rules and Procedures: In order to have an effective classroom management, the teacher his/her students should design and implement a set of classroom rules and procedures. This is very essential in every classroom because it serves as a guideline on how the students behave inside the classroom. But, according to Marzano, et., al (2003),to effectively employ the sets of rules and procedures it is highly recommended to only have 5-8 sets for the elementary level. Therefore, the teacher should choose the most appropriate rules and procedures she/he wants to employ with his/her students. And these must address one or more of the following categories: general classroom behaviors; beginning and ending the class day or the period; transitions and interruptions; materials and equipment; group work; and seat work and teacher-led activities. And this should be determined and discussed during the first day of classes so that students would know their limitations and expectations, thereby minimizing the disruptive behaviors. And it should be posted in the classroom bulletin board or any corner accessible for the students to read anytime. It should be written in a positive way so that students are reminded of what they can do in the classroom, rather than what they can’t do. The classroom procedures should also be practiced and implemented by the teacher so that the students would make it a routine and this would help the flow of the day smoothly. The parents should also be given a copy so that they are aware of these rules and procedures and the consequences of their children’s conduct (Charles, 1999). Disciplinary Intervention: Teachers are often facing various behavioral problems inside the classroom. And it is therefore necessary for him/her to master the art of disciplining. Since, the teacher is dealing with 3rd grade; he/she should employ disciplinary techniques which will promote positive behavior. This could be done by applying several approaches. And one of which is the behavioral modification approach such as the use of positive reinforcement. This disciplinary technique motivates the students to behave appropriately by giving a reward. The reward is not necessary a material thing. For example, the teacher could post in the class bulletin the “ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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