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The main objective of the project was to examine the impact of employee involvement on organisational performance, particularly employee performance. This was carried out on a UK-based company, BI Worldwide, which is a communications company that aimed to provide solutions for their clients in improving their businesses…
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Analysis and Evaluation of Employee Involvement and its Impact on Employee Performance
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Download file to see previous pages Literature Review 6 Critical Evaluation and Analysis of Data 10 Discussion 18 Conclusion 23 References 26 Appendices 29 Project Aim and Objectives The use of employee involvement practices has been evident among organisations across various industries and has also been associated with a number of favorable outcomes including organisational performance (Jones and Kato, 2005). Considerable interest has been demonstrated towards new work systems that emphasize employee involvement owing to perceived increase in performance among workers that such practices may bring about. Furthermore, external pressures that increased competition among companies resulted to these firms reevaluating the processes used for organising their work (Bartell, 2004). As such, while employees have been given more responsibilities, practices have consequently placed more emphasis as well on enabling these workers to take part in the decision making process within the workplace. Companies have also been known to offer incentives that will encourage employees to take responsibility for their work. While employee involvement has been often associated with productivity and employee performance, other studies have also shown how such participation can influence organisational profitability (Addison and Belfield, 2000). Owing to these mixed findings, the current project, therefore, aims to analyze and evaluate how employee involvement can contribute towards effective organizational performance based on a cultural perspective in which employees play a highly significant role. Particularly, this project aims to address two SMART objectives: first is to conduct interviews among 10 employees from BI Worldwide, within 2 weeks at most, whose operations in the United Kingdom operate in Milton Keynes. Second...
The study tells as there has been increasing recognition of employees as the best assets of an organisation, there has been attempts to seek ways with which to enhance employees’ contribution to the firm whilst further understanding the effectiveness of human resource systems. If organisations are able to select and retain appropriate employees as well as develop these individuals by means of adequate training and learning opportunities, such knowledge can be utilized as an advantage for achieving favorable performance. It has become a challenge, however, to establish a system that will enable for a mutually beneficial relationship between the organisation and its employees. Human resource policies have been widely taken into consideration along with their effects on organisational performance, such as the effectiveness of employees, and workplace innovation; a number of workplace practices, including employee involvement, have been continuously associated with high levels of employee performance. Therefore, the employment relationship has been recognized as a significant contributing factor to a firm’s long-term success. In addition, current personnel literature may suggest that employee involvement practices may have more observable effects on organisations that employ workers who are highly skilled and knowledgeable. This is because within these companies, tasks and roles are more complex, and the levels of skills required are higher which can translate into these employees having a wider capacity to affect performance. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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