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Employee Selection and Performance Measurement - Essay Example

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This report aims to examine the selection and performance appraisal program employed in Microsoft Corporation. As of 2011, Microsoft employees 90,000 individuals around the globe. In the knowledge economy the competitive advantage of a business is its human resources…
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Employee Selection and Performance Measurement
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Download file to see previous pages Therfore, Microsoft uses the content and construct validity approaches to select the most suitable applicants for a particular job. Microsoft conducts a thorough background check of each employee that it recruits. It does not employ discrimination in selection process as it uses the person-organization fit approach. Thus, it ensures that it is free from any legal or ethical issues that may arise from its human resource management activities. Furthermore, it fully ensures that all its online and offline interview questions are designed in a legal manner that encourage diversity in its workplace. Microsoft’s policies are designed in a way that they ensure that human resource activities including employee appraisal programs are employee friendly.In the knowledge economy the competitive advantage of a business is its human resources. This increases the challenges posed to the organizations to be selective and open minded in making their decisions regarding recruitment of employees and forming their strategies for their selection processes, choosing the most effective and relevant performance appraisal method and compensating and rewarding the employees accordingly. Both employee selection and their performance appraisal plays a critical role in the organizational productivity and profitability. The selection phase determines the right employees for the right job and performance appraisals determine their loyalty and therefore, retention in the organization for a long period of time. This report aims to examine the selection and performance appraisal program employed in Microsoft Corporation. I am familiar with the processes through which the employees are selected and their performance is measured in Microsoft Corp. Headquartered in Washington, USA, Microsoft is an American based Multinational Company having offices worldwide. It operates in a diverse range of industries including computer software, consumer electronics, digital distribution, computer hardware IT consulting, video games, online advertising, retail stores and automotive software. As of 2011, Microsoft employees 90,000 individuals around the globe. The report will conduct a literature review of the existing literature available on employee selection, performance appraisal methods used in practice and their legal or ethical implications. The report will next examine these practices in Microsoft Corporation and investigate strengths and any weaknesses existing in the current practice of the organization. In the end, the report will provide preliminary recommendations based on the analysis and provide a reflection of the study. 2 Processes Used for Employee Selection and Performance Measurement in Microsoft Corporation Bohlander, Carson and Kinicki (1992) argued that there is a misunderstanding in the world among the personnel ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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