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 This essay focuses on the importance of composition skills. When people learn to express their thoughts, it eases written communication and enables them to communicate their answers in understandable ways in all subjects. Writing in short sentences with proper structures…
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Importance of Composition Skills
Importance of Composition Skills
Writing composition is a way of expressing a person’s thoughts, a part from being an examinable area. When people learn to express their thoughts, it eases written communication and enables them to communicate their answers in understandable ways in all subjects. Writing is short sentences with proper structures and transiting smoothly between paragraphs enables the creating of coherent compositions.
What is composed without endeavor is read, usually, with no enchantment. A legendary English writer, Samuel Johnson, said these words. Writing is an art that requires considerable effort in order to produce something worth reading. A writer must acquaint himself/herself with numerous rules, principles, guidelines and styles to produce compositions worth the reader’s time.
One of the things I have learned bear most importance in writing is sentence construction. The sentence is the basic unit of a composition. In a sentence, different words are joined to express an idea. The choice of the words is as valuable as the arrangement of the words forming the sentence (CES 1). The structure adopted must enable the writer to express the intended idea concisely and without ambiguity. Sentences must not be too long, or they risk losing meaning. Short sentences with proper construction are likely to produce effective results.
Another important consideration in writing is the construction of a paragraph. A paragraph is constituted of sentencing bearing a similar idea. The sentences, therefore, must be related. Too few sentences form ineffective paragraphs, while a paragraph with numerous sentences might bore the audience (CES 33). The sentences must be linked together effectively to enhance coherence. Without this linkage, the sentences lose their relation and appear fragmented.
A writer must always know the writing is mean for an audience. The audience varies with composition. It may be a teacher, a friend or people unknown to the writer. Knowledge of these skills has helped me to be wary of the choices of words I use with different audiences. It has helped improve my grades in other classes; since I can express my ideas concisely. Nevertheless, I need to practice a lot to improve coherence in my writing.

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