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Identify and discuss in details organisation skills, artistic &creative skills, social skills and communication skills which the staff must be exposed to in a one week staff training programme - Essay Example

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It helps in building a workforce of highly professional employees who are effective and efficient in carrying out their day-to-day tasks in an organization. Training employees…
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Identify and discuss in details organisation skills, artistic &creative skills, social skills and communication skills which the staff must be exposed to in a one week staff training programme
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Extract of sample "Identify and discuss in details organisation skills, artistic &creative skills, social skills and communication skills which the staff must be exposed to in a one week staff training programme"

Download file to see previous pages This essay will focus on the organizational, communication, social, creative and artistic skills that employees should be exposed to in such a training program.
Effective communication skills that are of high scale are very vital in an organization in the modern world. They help in coping with the stiff competition that organizations are facing from all scopes of life. Effective communication highly relies on the type of communication skills that one possesses. It involves engaging the most appropriate communication channel, presentation of the information to the targeted audience, skills to understand fully, and easily responses made by the audience as well as having the technical expertise of using the chosen channel of communication (Worth, 2009 pg 45). Self-development, Interpersonal skills, cooperation, mutual understanding, as well as trust are significant in setting a concluded channel of effective communications skills.
There are three types of communication skills that corporates can instill in their staffs. They include expressive skills, listening skills as well as management skills meant for controlling the whole process of communication. In addition, emotional skills are also very fundamental since they determine the fate of all the other three skills mentioned above. Expressive skills help in conveying messages to the other people by use of facial expressions, words, and body languages. On the other hand, listening skills are the skills employed primarily so as to get information and messages from the other people (Worth, 2009 pg 55). They help in making the speaker understand his or her audience feelings and thoughts towards him or her and more so, understanding the audience more closely. Communication management skills help in recognizing the needed information, and create a strong hold on the present rules of interaction and communication. Equipping staffs or members ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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