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This paper discusses the Manager’s Role in Human Resource Development. The manager’s role in the progress of the Human Resource department, as well as the whole organization, is quite significant as a manager bears the responsibility of making his workers work towards the set goals of the organization…
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Managers Role in Human Resource Development
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Download file to see previous pages Rothwell and Kazanas (2003) inform that the managers of HR department have to take the responsibility of establishing goals for the department and its purposes. The manager is also responsible for structuring the department according to its needs. Staffing, issuance of orders, deciding on differences, inter-departmental and outside the department communication, planning for department budgets and politics, all can be regarded as the roles of the manager of the HR department and design a path towards the development of the department (Rothwell and Kazanas, 2003).

The advantages that can be found because of the manager’s performance in the HR department are many in number. The manager is responsible for communication within the department and outside the department; it means that the information from inside and outside should be gathered in order to make the right decisions. This factor is wholly advantageous as the employees are allowed to communicate with the manager and deliver their thoughts regarding a decision. The final decision stays with the manager; it means that the manager can collect information from various sources but should be decisive in order to come to a conclusion regarding a problem (Woods and Thomas, 1994). A manager has many responsibilities to bear and the tasks should be divided among his employees but leadership should be with him so that the performed tasks of the employees can be evaluated.

As a manager is required to do lengthy and painstaking tasks, therefore, there should be consciousness behind any taken decisions and the manager should decide according to the needs of a situation. Sometimes, it is disadvantageous to give so many responsibilities to a manager as all the tasks cannot be justified fully because of the overburdening of the manager. There should be a team of co-workers that should assist the manager in the performance of his tasks. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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