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The Personalities of Romeo and Juliet - Assignment Example

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This paper "The Personalities of Romeo and Juliet" will begin with the statement that Romeo and Juliet are two characters portrayed excellently by Shakespeare in his play, Romeo and Juliet. The play is famous for its love story and the portrayal of the most reputed love characters…
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The Personalities of Romeo and Juliet
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Extract of sample "The Personalities of Romeo and Juliet"

Download file to see previous pages As the paper outlines, in the beginning, Romeo is shown heartbroken for his unrequited love for Rosaline. He shows interest in poetry and is also shown as a devoted lover but as soon as he sees Juliet, he forgets Rosaline and falls in love with Juliet. Romeo is liked even by his enemies because of his amiable personality and his character (Nevo 129). Juliet belongs to the Capulet family, which is involved in a feud with the Montague family, which is Romeo’s family. Therefore, it is quite clear that both the lovers belong to families that are enemies to each other. Like other characters of Shakespeare, Romeo is also portrayed as an emotional character who believes too much in love. He remains disheartened and sad for his initial love for Rosaline. He is obsessed with her love. He remains occupied with the imaginations of Rosaline. In the beginning, it appears that Romeo has a passive personality but later on, when he meets and starts loving Juliet, his personality is somewhat changed. After meeting Juliet, he states that he has never seen such beauty in his life ever. Romeo’s love despair and anguish for Rosaline dies as soon as he sees Juliet. Here, another part of his personality is seen. He switches quite easily from Rosaline to Juliet on the basis of Juliet’s beauty and her lovely personality. In the play, it is shown that Romeo feels love for Rosaline but never tries to woo her while after meeting Juliet, he at once tries to woo her as it is Juliet in which, he finds his true love and a love partner (Mackenzie 36). Romeo is aware of the feud that is prevalent between Montague and Capulet family; still, he is unable to keep him away from Juliet. Knowing about the feud, both of them commit themselves to each other. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Shakespeare begins his play with the prologue performed by the choir, completing the function similar to the overture. These fourteen lines represent the entire story. We learn that the events take place in Verona, about the ancient feud of the families and about the tragic death of the main characters, which is to put the end to the feud. The first scene reveals the current conditions...
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