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The author of the paper "Marketing and ERP Role" states that he would be the best candidate for the position because he will be graduating with a bachelor’s degree in IT major and Global Enterprise Technology Minor from Syracuse University…
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Marketing and ERP Role
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Running Head: Cover letter for Marketing and ERP Role. Proffesor Unit I write in response to an advertisement posted on your website dated (xxx) for the position of (xxxxx). I would be the best candidate for the position because I will be graduating with a bachelor’s degree in IT major and Global Enterprise Technology Minor from the Syracuse University in the year 2015. As part of the course requirement I have covered courses on ERP which have given me a lot of familiarity and ERP knowledge necessary for this position. I have also done my internship with (name of organization, beginning and end dates) which exposed me greatly to the ERP, IT and the general work environment. I believe this experience gives me a background suitable for your advertised position.
My other strength that I feel makes me the most suitable candidate for the job is the ability to communicate effectively in many languages. My interpersonal skills and knowledge of the marketing profession are additional values that I will be bringing to the job. I also work well in teams with a consistent strive for collaboration that is constructive, think creatively and posses wide marketing and promotional knowledge earned from education and internship period. My organization, planning and problem solving skills are excellent, I learn quickly and have ability to rapidly master the critical job aspects with little supervision and training. Finally I understand the strategic role IT and ERP knowledge plays to this job as well as the entire organization and believe this is an opportunity to fully make use of valuable knowledge in the field for the good of the business and customers.
Based on my educational background, internship experience and knowledge gained over time, I believe I have a solid background that will make a positive contribution to your organization. I hope you will favorably consider my application and grant me an opportunity for an interview. Read More
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Resume Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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