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The responsibility of being a teacher - Personal Statement Example

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The responsibility of a teacher extends from the understanding of a student to the behavior exhibited by him. A teacher is not only there to teach but is there to make the students understand the learning and implement the teachings in their respective lives. …
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The responsibility of being a teacher
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Extract of sample "The responsibility of being a teacher"

"50% failed the end of unit test. To keep up with the pacing calendar as a teacher you are expected to move on to new topic. Discuss the solutions"

The responsibility of a teacher extends from the understanding of a student to the behavior exhibited by him. A teacher is not only there to teach but is there to make the students understand learn and implement the teachings in their respective lives. It is the duty of the teacher to test the students after completing a certain section of any subject. The results of the tests are then analyzed by the teacher and he acts accordingly. Similarly I as a teacher completed a certain chapter and took a test. However the results of the test clearly illustrated that the students were not clear about the concepts of the unit. This article would further describe the steps taken by me to make the students understand the concepts of the unit.
As I evaluated the result at the end of a unit test, I realized that around 50% of students failed the unit test and it became indispensable for me to overcome this situation somehow. The reason to consider it critical to be solved is the necessity to give the students a strong understanding of the basics before moving to the advanced level of a subject; either it is mathematics, language arts or social studies. One topic is often linked with the other and the sequence in which the chapters or topics are arranged should be followed to give a better understanding of the subject. For Example, if a topic in Mathematics defines the basic mathematical functions like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and the second topic defines how to calculate the mean of two numbers, it is necessary for the student to understand the basic functions in order to find out mean of any two or more numbers as the formula of mean include 2 basic functions i.e. addition and division.
In order to avoid this situation I found it best to take a revision class for the previous work before explaining the new topic. But emphasizing only on the revision classes would have further made me lag in the syllabus, thus I decided to allocate a certain amount of time in every class for revision. I would divide the total time of class in two sessions. The first half of the class would be used as a revision class. During this revision class the whole unit would be taught by me to the students. It would be convenient for the students if they are specifically asked about their difficulties in the unit. The test which was taken would be analyzed be me to check as to where the students were facing the main problem. This problem would be addressed in the class so as the students get a better understanding. Along with the revision classes, I would provide them with review sheets on a regular basis. It would be helpful for them to get a better understanding of the unit. These review sheets would have the description of the whole unit. The bullet points in the review sheet would cover up all the aspects of the unit. I would encourage the students to learn the important points in the review sheet. These points would further be taught in the class and given importance. In order to keep a check on their performance, I prefer organizing regular assignments and additional assessments. It would also be helpful to take verbal assessments and presentations as they would help out in developing confidence in students. I have observed that due to lack of confidence students hesitate to ask questions or participate in class activities. These problems must not be overlooked and should be solved as soon as possible.
Besides these solutions, I would prefer giving them extra time whenever possible and would permit them to discuss any problem which causes difficulty for them to understand the topic. I also find it advantageous to organize class discussions. These discussions may give a proper picture of students' performance as a whole and in isolation.
All these techniques would help me to build a learning environment in the class. It would help the students to understand the previous topic more closely. The questions being asked in the class regularly would help me to analyze the prevailing situation of the students. And I would act according to the situation so as to make them understand the sections of the topic which they are having a difficulty with. Overall this process would help me to build up the basics of the students in accordance to the requirements of the new topic. Read More
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