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Education for Global Society - Essay Example

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In today's era, people are not bound to live in a specific territory. They have the freedom to choose the best possible place for their education, business and living. Their different cultures, languages and social aspects are not really observed as a matter of difference between them…
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Education for Global Society
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Extract of sample "Education for Global Society"

Download file to see previous pages These rules and techniques strengthen the students' desire to get a particular degree which may not be available in his homeland.
Diversity can affect both the environment of the class and the students. The language differences may lead the students to a communication gap. Students belonging to different culture face different problems in accordance to their living standards. The skill level of the students depends upon their origin and culture. Skill levels are greatly enhanced if the standard of the education system is according to their level. For example a student of China would face difficulties while studying in the USA. This is because the student is not able to cope up with the standards of education in USA as he has always studied in the standards of China. He may face difficulties in understanding the language and writing according to the standards in USA. Culture is an important part in the student's lives. If a person belongs to the USA he would have no difficulties in adjusting to the university environment. Similarly a person who is not of the USA culture might face some difficulties in adjusting to the environment. ...
In order to provide a safe and sound environment to the students, paraprofessionals who belong to different cultures should be present there. Paraprofessionals of different heritages may help the students to study with accordance to the standards required in a particular university. They may provide the student with a sense of relief and security as the student belonging to different culture might not be feeling that secure with a paraprofessional of different culture. Parents of the students should also be handled properly by the teachers. The teachers should know that what environment and culture do the parents belong and then must treat the parents accordingly. For example the teachers should tell the parents about the environment of the university with accordance to their culture. The teacher should be completely aware of the multicultural students and the teacher should also know about the standards of education of students of different culture. For example the teacher should know about the standards of education of China and should not force the student from China to work on the standards of USA immediately. If the student is being forced to study on a standard of which he is not aware, it is possible that he may suffer from other problems like he may be discouraged by the environment and possibly may quit his efforts to progress. (Opsahl 1996)
If a teacher is teaching in a class where students from many different cultures are present he should always be careful about speaking in the right tone and accent so that all the students even who have a different native language can understand what the teacher is commending to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Education for Global Society Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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