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There is wide use of firearms and potentially lethal weapons that causes a large number of casualties every year. Americans keep firearms and guns with the concept that these…
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Some questions
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Your full full December 07, 2009 United s: A Violent Society United s is considered to bea violent society as compared to other countries around the globe. There is wide use of firearms and potentially lethal weapons that causes a large number of casualties every year. Americans keep firearms and guns with the concept that these will ensure their security. Ammunition is easily accessible. American media horrifies people with the use of exaggerations and embellishments which enhances violence in the general public. There are stories of bloodshot everywhere on television news, movies and paper. Kids and teens see violent movies and scenes and apply in their lives what they learn. There have been recent cases of gunshot killings in American schools and universities which proves the fact that America is a violent society. The concept of gangs is also one of the major reasons which are dragging the American youth towards collective violence. Kids and teens feel good when they are in a gang. According to Zimring and Hawkins (A-21), the rate of violent death in United States is four to 18 times higher than in any other country, and the reason for this is extensive use of handguns in muggings and burglary.
Life as a Member of the Opposite Sex
I am a female member of my society. If I was assigned the male gender at birth, then my life would have been totally different. Though, both sexes bring with them their responsibilities, duties and rights, but the male gender is always given a loose edge in almost every society around the globe, especially in societies where male chauvinism has deepened its roots. If I was a male, I would have received higher education which females are kept deprived of at times. I would have been able to hang out with friends, come late at nights and not being answerable to anybody. After marriage, I would not have to leave my parents house to go live with strangers who have no soft corner for the new arrival. I would have been allowed to work outside and enjoy the freedom. I would have been able to impose upon my subordinates whatever I thought is better. I would have been able to lead my family in my own way without having to look for permissions and consents of other members of the family. I would relax and sleep till late hours without getting calls from my mom to get up and look for household chores. I would not be running after my kids and telling them to clean up the mess!
Tracking in Schools
The major advantage of school tracking is that it enables teachers to better decide what level of lessons to give to which group of students, keeping in mind their capabilities. This also enhances the teacher-student relationship as the teacher tends to have a better understanding of each group. Tracks with similar ability level are compared to analyze their work which enhances competition, reduces frustration in the minds of lower ability groups and prevents the higher ability groups to become flattered. Tracking becomes dysfunctional when the ability level of students in a tracked class changes with time due to learning. Due to this reason, the school has to assess and re-assess the students occasionally to maintain homogenous tracking. Another dysfunction is that the system may ignore to maintain a high level of curriculum for low-ability tracks which can finally lead to their low efficiency. Tracking affects the self-concepts of students in a way that they learn to compete with their peers and develop a better understanding with their teachers without getting discouraged, but on the other hand, they may learn not to do friendships outside their tracks while considering other tracks as aliens.
Works Cited
Zimring, F., and Gordon Hawkins. “Face It: This is a Violent Society.” Pittsburgh Post Gazette 20 Sept. 1999: A-21. Read More
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